Meet the Maker: Geoffrey Merlet of Le Chant Du Robot

APR 9, 2018 updated Jun 2, 2021

This week we’re traveling to London, England to introduce French maker Geoffrey Merlet of the handcrafted bag and purse boutique Le Chant Du Robot. Geoffrey’s unique vision and quality craftsmanship offer a truly one-of-a-kind option for his customers who seek a bold statement through the use of striking color and tailored design while staying true to a functional product. Since Le Chant Du Robot bags are handmade, there is an element of limited access which drives demand and in turn creates an opportunity for buyers to build their collection such as one would collect works of art. When you see Geoffrey’s passion, you’ll understand what we mean! 

My day starts with…

“A good breakfast with freshly ground coffee, a homemade cake and a glass of apple juice…and then I’m ready for a long working day.”

Mallard Handbag styles by Le Chant Du Robot | Urban Garden Leaf by holli_zollinger

I fell in love with making goods when…

“I was a child watching my father making goods. He can do everything you need with nothing and always finds a solution to every problem. He passed down that passion to me.”

When I’m in my studio, I feel…

“Free. I work from home and it’s the best place to me. I usually work from 8:30a.m. to 10:30p.m., so I need to be in a place I feel good.”

Geoffrey gaining inspiration from his travels immersed in nature

What influences or inspires your work and why?

“I’m very observant and passionate about cultures, design and music. Beauty is everywhere and the wealth and multiculturalism of London is a gift. My small travels and nature are also very important to re-energize and come back with plenty of new ideas.”

What’s in your toolbox as a maker?

“I need a big toolbox because my best friend is a sewing machine…but my small sewing kit is also following me everywhere.”

Where the handmade magic happens: The Le Chant Du Robot studio in London

My proudest accomplishment over the last year is…

“To run my small business and develop it slowly. Every month I’m contacted by a few new retailers which is very encouraging for the future.”

What piece of your wardrobe best represents your style?

“My adidas Samba. I’ve always bought the same shoes for 15 years and I love them. They’re a bit vintage, classic and perfect to walk over the big city of London.”

Before starting a small business, I wish someone had told me…

“To be patient, work hard and be persistent.”

How does Spoonflower meet your business needs?

“Because my bags are unique, I always need to find new patterns and the infinity of designers present on Spoonflower help me in this task. It also offers me the possibility to print my own patterns to make special collections.”

Handmade bags by Le Chant Du Robot | Designs by lavish_season and holli_zollinger

What has been an important resource to you as a small business owner and why?

“The most important thing to me to keep running a small business is a good family and friend circle. Sometimes it can be so hard that you need someone on your side. My partner with whom I’ve share my life for 16 years is always here to help me and she’s totally involved in the adventure, even if she has her own job as a researcher in sciences. My parents have also supported my project since the beginning and are always here to assist.”

My favorite Spoonflower textile to work with is…

“The Organic Cotton Sateen Ultra because it’s a good quality and the thickness is just what I need for my bags.”

If there ever was a wonderland of beautiful handbags, we’re calling it now. Visit Geoffrey’s Instagram account (@lechantdurobot) and prepare to be inspired! Not to mention there are always new products underway in his studio, so be sure to regularly check his online store for the newest product launches.

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  • Beautiful bags. I like the crisp flatness, contrasted with supple leather… color and pattern not overpowering.
    The best to your business!

  • Hi Geoffrey!

    How inspiring!

    I work in an office job as my day job and spend a lot of time networking with professionals. I also will be using (when I launch this summer!) designs from Spoonflower as they are ps versatile and offer uniqueness to printed textiles. Alex Gali, my brand, make bold edgy clothing for professional dynamic women who are looking to upgrade their wardrobe to represent their fierce and colourful personalities! I’m looking to collaborate with you if you like, and would love to hear from you and visit your studio sometime.

    Let me know!

    Maria Nicolette,

  • Your bags and story are absolutely inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I too run a small boutique in which I cater to uniqueness of my clients. Creating something new for them that helps them express themselves is a joy that helps keep me going. You are right about having “To be patient, work hard and be persistent.” Patience is not a strong virtue of mine, but I am persistent and work hard. I know someday I will have a full on successful business. Keep up the awesome work and inspiration.

  • Hi Geoffrey,
    I love your handbags. I’m writing to you because of your family name, Merlet. My original family name was also Merlet (blackbird) but it was changed to Marlatt when they came to America in the 1600s. I think they were Huguenots from Lille who went to Leiden, Holland & then to New Amsterdam, which is now New York. Does this match your family history? Perhaps we’re distant cousins?

    Sherry Marlatt Richmond
    Frankfort, Illinois & Santa Fe, New Mexico