How to Sew a Crib Sheet in Under an Hour

MAR 27, 2018 updated May 28, 2021

A very DIY nursery with The Style Safari | Spoonflower Blog Looking for another personal touch to add to your baby’s nursery? The Style Safari is back to share an easy DIY tutorial for handmade linens that are a completely customizable option when choosing from over 650,000 designs in the Spoonflower Marketplace. The best part about Stefanie’s project is that you’ll be able to complete your crib sheet in under and hour which means more time with baby! 

DIY Crib Sheet by The Style Safari | Spoonflower Blog
Designs by andrea_lauren

StefanieI am loving high contrast black and white as I know it’s easier for newborns to see, so I thought I would pick a pattern that would mesmerize her! 


DIY Crib Sheet by The Style Safari | Spoonflower Blog

Cut the Fabric

DIY Crib Sheet by The Style Safari | Spoonflower Blog

Cut your pre-washed fabric so it’s 45” x 69”.  If you chose a knit to make your sheet, it may have shrunk to less than 69” – this is not a problem as the fabric will still stretch over the mattress.

Cut out 8” squares out of each of the 4 corners, and pin the WRONG sides together on each corner.

Sew the Seams

In order to sew a clean french seam, sew each corner together first with the wrong sides facing (pattern side out) with 1/4“ seam allowance. Trim to 1/8“.

DIY Crib Sheet by The Style Safari | Spoonflower Blog

Turn the sheet inside out and sew another 1/4“ seam on all 4 corners with the right sides together, enclosing the previous seam line, so there are no raw edges.

DIY Crib Sheet by The Style Safari | Spoonflower Blog

Hem the Fabric 

DIY Crib Sheet by The Style Safari | Spoonflower Blog

If you chose a woven fabric, fold and press the hem of your sheet up 1/4“. Then fold and press up to 1/2“ to create a casing for the elastic. For a knit, pin the double fold instead of pressing. Sew around the edge of the fold, leaving a 2” opening.

Insert the Elastic

DIY Crib Sheet by The Style Safari | Spoonflower Blog

DIY Crib Sheet by The Style Safari | Spoonflower Blog

Cut your elastic 64” long and attach a safety pin to one end, feeding the elastic through the entire casing. Hold on to the end to make sure you don’t lose it as you pull the elastic through. Overlap the elastic by 1-2” and using a zig zag stitch secure the two ends together.

Sew up the 2” hole in the casing and admire your work! We’d love to see your version of the crib sheet! Be sure to snap a pic so we can see what designs you chose and use #spoonflower and #stylesafaribaby!

DIY Crib Sheet by The Style Safari | Spoonflower Blog

Want to add another personal touch to your nursery but you’re tight on time? Skip the DIY and let Roostery help with a custom pillow featuring your favorite Spoonflower design.

About the Guest Blogger

 Stefanie Schoen is a blogger, designer and avid sewist who loves mixing prints and playing with color. She lives outside of San Francisco, where she enjoys wine tasting with her husband, playing tennis and snowboarding, and making the perfect matcha latte. Stefanie blogs about her latest travels, fashions and DIY projects weekly and can be found over at

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  • Hi, quick question! I am about to sew a crib sheet with an organic interlock knit. It looks like you used a knit too. I don’t have experience with knit, but I came across info saying to use a ball point needle for knits. I don’t have one. Would a regular point needle work fine? I cant tell which kind of needle you used. Thanks!

    • Hi Kami,

      Great question! While we do recommend a ball point needle, a new universal needle could do the trick if you don’t have a ball point needle available. I hope that helps, but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!

  • Samantha Dudley

    Spponflower fabric is only available in 42\” width which doesn\’t work for typical crib sheet patterns that I have found. It a major bummer because I would love to order from them.

    • Hi Samantha,
      Our fabrics range from 42″-60″ depending on your final fabric base. You can view all of our fabrics and their specific widths here. Stefanie used our Organic Cotton Knit for her crib sheet which has a set width of 56″.

      • I don’t see that the Andrea Lauren fabric is a knit and it is 42 inches wide.
        I am hesitant to order it for fear it will be too tight

        • Hi Susan,

          Thanks for reaching out and we apologize for the trouble! All Marketplace designs are available on all of our available fabrics. To see how to place an order, please click here. It sounds like you may need to adjust your fabric choice in the fabric dropdown menu from a 42″ woven cotton option to the Organic Cotton Knit. I hope that helps, but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!

  • Monica Bermejo

    I’m a newbie to sewing! I’ve been looking for videos forever on how to make your own crib sheets! So with that said, So it’s a little confusing when you say to pin the WRONG sides…. what does that mean? Is there a video perhaps?! 🙏🏻 Thank you!

    • Hi Monica,

      Great question and thanks for sharing your feedback. When instructions refer to the “wrong side”, it means either the unprinted side fabric / the side of fabric that will not be shown. If you have any other questions, please send us a message at

  • Ooooo I never even thought to use knit fabric for a crib sheet! That organic cotton knit fabric would be amazing 🙂