Working behind the scenes at Spoonflower, we get a unique peek at what trends have caught the eyes and hearts of the designer community based on what they’re uploading to the Marketplace. We’ve seen three styles grow in popularity and today we’ve rounded up a few designs to highlight their versatility. Whether you use them to kickstart your creativity for designing or as a starting point for your next DIY project, today’s picks are sure to inspire.

Featured collections: Mermaids, Mint & Emerald, Mid-Century Modern


Everywhere we look, there are mermaids all around! From mermaid themed birthday parties to super-soft minky mermaid tails ala sammyk, this trend is full of deep purples and greens and always a touch of sparkle. The Spoonflower community fell in love with mermaids when ceciliamok surprised the Marketplace with The Mermaid and Unicorn, a match made in fairytale heaven, and the trend has only taken off from there. Not ready to dive deep into this trend? Try a subtle scale print to line your DIY zipper pouch!  See even more mermaid designs on fabric here.


Designs: Watercolor Dash, Watercolor Mermaids and Seashells in Navy and Coral by mintedtulip
Boho Doodle Magenta, Little Merry Mermaids and Boho Doodle Ocean by micklyn

Roostery Bedding featuring the Laguna Mermaid Collection by ivieclothco

Mint & Emerald

Growth, freshness, and sometimes even envy. The color green evokes emotions that will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to DIY! When paired with Roostery’s isobar wallpaper or bedding, emerald and mint make the perfect bedroom retreat. While emeralds might be one of the most expensive gemstones, you don’t have to break the bank to recreate the look. Try an emerald inspired wallpaper to refresh a powder room or a crisp and clean mint design for a furniture renovation. See even more mint and emerald designs here.   


Designs: Apples by andrea_lauren, Watercolor Green Tile by mjmstudio, laurel_mint by holli_zollinger, Green and Cream Nature Medallion by micklyn, jungle leaf mint by holli_zollinger, Ikat Mint by fat_bird_designs

Mid-Century Modern

Bold shapes, clean lines and geometric minimalism are all ways you could describe mid-century modern, an architectural and design trend from the ‘50s and ‘60s. Spotted throughout the Marketplace, the Spoonflower designer community has grown to love this iconic design style during weekly challenges and as the perfect print for any DIY project giving a nod to the past. We think a mid-century mod inspired design on Dogwood Denim™ would be just the thing for an upholstery project. See more mid-century mod designs on fabric here.


DesignsRetro Spring by joanne_headington, birdland geometric larger by vo_aka_virginiao, mid century modular tv screens by retrorudolphs, drums orange by ottomanbrim, Mid-Century Modern Konawood by diane555, mid century modular modules by  retrorudolphs

Find even more inspiration for your next project through our curated themes and see how easy it is to create a collection of Marketplace designs.

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