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Want to add a little flair or a splash of color to your dog’s collar? As easy as they are cute, this DIY pet bandana is guaranteed to have you and your pups (or cats!) jumping for joy. And with a free downloadable PDF pattern and video tutorial, you’ll be surprised how fast this project sews up.  Have a cat or another type of stylish animal in your life? This tutorial works with any pet that wears a collar. Grab your favorite fat quarter of fabric and let’s get started! (Looking for a dog collar and leash pattern? We got you covered!)

How to Make an Easy Pet Bandana


*Spoonflower’s Petal Signature Cotton®, Cotton Poplin and Organic Cotton Sateen are great options for a 100% cotton bandana. Use the Fill-A-Yard® 1 Yard Cheater Quilt template to create 9 unique bandanas for under $3 each.

1. Cut Out the Pattern Pieces

Start by cutting out the bandana template. To determine your bandana size, measure the length of your dog’s current collar and divide by 2. Choose the bandana template that matches this measurement. Next, lay the template on your fabric and cut around the template with a rotary blade or fabric scissors.

2. Hem the Bandana

Fold down the edges of each side of your bandana 1/4” (0.64 cm) and press. Fold under 1/4” again, and press. Now we’ve got our double hem. Pin in place and topstitch around the entire bandana to secure your hem.

3. Create the Collar Pocket

To create the pocket for the collar, fold over the top of your bandana so the edges match up with the corners at the top of the triangle portion. Pin in place and stitch across the long edge of your pocket on the front side of your bandana.

Pro tip: Test out your pocket size by sliding your pups collar through the pocket before stitching.

And you’re done—slip this on your pup for an extra dose of custom cuteness! See another take on this feline and fido-friendly project using Fill-A-Yard in this companion post.