Remember the days when you were told “don’t play with your food”? We hope you’re ready to throw that rule out the window for today’s tutorial by the cut-and-sew connoisseur, Na’ama. The Berlin-based maker is back with a new DIY plushie that we know you’re going to love soy much. Sharpen your chopsticks, grab your fabric shears and get ready to create the most adorable nigiri plushie.

Prove your Love for Sushi with a Nigiri DIY Plushie | Spoonflower Blog

Na’ama: Hello there sweet makers! Do you have a great love for Japanese food like I do? Well sometimes I think that this love is not only about the fact that it tastes amazing, but also because it’s a very aesthetic cuisine. The thing with food is that no matter how pretty it is, it will always be eaten at the end (or rot). This is why you need to have this Nigiri dude by your side, on your desk or on a shelf, just to remind you forever how great sushi is! Oh, and I created a companion friend for him – Mr. Soy, to spice things up! 

So let’s start making some Sushi!


Nigiri cut-and-sew project on a fat quarter of Linen Cotton Canvas
Fabric scissors or rotary blade
Coordinating thread
Sewing Machine

Nigiri DIY Plushie materials | Spoonflower Blog

1. After you’ve received your Nigiri cut-and-sew project on a fat quarter of Linen Cotton Canvas, cut out all the pieces, following the cutting marks. (Notice that the black circle is the only part needed to be cut right on the edges)

Fold and iron your fabric | Spoonflower Blog

2. Follow the marks to fold each side of the “Nigiri Man” as shown in the photo above, and then iron carefully with steam to keep the folds in place.

Sew the fabric legs | Spoonflower Blog

3. Sew the legs following the edges of the design and then turn inside-out and fill with fiberfill. After the legs are ready, sew the upper part of the “Nigiri Man” to the lower part. Make sure to be accurate while positioning them correctly, one in front of the other, and leave the marked spaces for the legs open — don’t insert the legs yet!

Sew the nigiri sides together | Spoonflower Blog

4. Sew all the other edges of the “Nigiri Man” together, except the upper part and create an open box.

Insert the legs | Spoonflower Blog

5. Next, place the legs in their marked spaces (see image from the left) and sew them to the “Nigiri Man’s” body. After the legs are sewn, you are ready to close the Nigiri from the upperside. Make sure you leave a small space (about 3″) open in order to reverse this cutie.

Sew your seaweed and salmon pieces together | Spoonflower Blog

6. Place the two salmon pieces together, right sides facing and sew, following the edge of the printed design. Leave a small space open to turn right side out. Repeat with the seaweed strips. After the seaweed, salmon and nigiri pieces are sewn, turn them right side out. Stuff the Nigiri until firm and close the opening with a blind stitch. For the salmon, fill it in softly (not too densely stuffed) and close as well with blind stitch. Leave the seaweed unfilled.

7. Let’s make this salmon juicier! After it’s been filled and closed, using a coordinating thread, start sewing along the edges of the bright stripes. Yes- directly on the already filled object!

8. When the 3 pieces are done, we can combine this nigiri together! Put the salmon on his head and adjust the seaweed so it fits snugly around the nigiri and salmon. Mark the edges and sew them together, creating a closed strap to hold everything together.

Sew your soy sauce plushie | Spoonflower Blog

9. The time has come for Mr. Soy to get stitched! Place the two printed sides of the bottle together and sew the edges with coordinating threads (red and black). Use the black circle to close to bottom of the bottle, leaving just a small open space. Turn the bottle right side out.

Fill the soy sauce plushie with fiberfill | Spoonflower Blog

10. Stuff with fiberfill. I really recommend putting some rice/beans/anything with some weight in the bottom of the bottle to make it stand perfectly. And then of course you can close the the opening with a blind stitch.

Prove your Love for Sushi with a DIY Nigiri Plushie | Spoonflower Blog

And now your meal is ready! Yoi shokuyoku

Prove your Love for Sushi with a DIY Nigiri Plushie | Spoonflower Blog

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With a knack for faces, fluffiness, sushi and cuteness in general, 28 year old designer-maker Na’ama Ben Moshe translates her passion for textile and illustration by combining both in her work. After setting her base camp in Berlin and winning a lucrative prize in the Talente exhibition in Munich, she’s now focused on founding her own private factory under the Name ‘NAMA’ and is working on her first online shop for her goods. For more cute creations, follow Na’ama on Instagram.