Your 25 Favorite DIY Projects of 2017

DEC 27, 2017

You might already be planning your handmade resolutions for 2018 (hello, me-made wardrobe!) but let’s not forget those projects that made 2017 the year for DIY! We’ve rounded up the 25 most popular projects of 2017 and after you take a closer look, you’ll be able to see why they made the list. From DIY cactus plushies to the always popular handwritten recipe tea towel, this year’s list will be the inspiration you need for 2018. 

Your 25 Favorite DIY Projects of 2017 | Spoonflower Blog

1. Turn your family recipes into a timeless tea towel.

Your 25 Favorite DIY Projects of 2017 - recipe tea towels | Spoonflower Blog

2. Hungry Monster Laundry Bags will have you craving more DIY projects!

Spoonflower's Hungry Monster Laundry Bag | Spoonflower Blog

3. You can’t go wrong with this beginner-friendly free piecing quilt block tutorial.

Free piecing quilt block tutorial | Spoonflower Blog

4. Refresh your vanity drawers in under an hour with this easy wallpaper hack.

Wallpaper hack: drawer liners | Spoonflower Blog

5. Modern Jersey baby hats require just a fat quarter of fabric and sew up in just a few steps.

Spoonflower Modern Jersey Baby Hat with Polar Bears

6. Make your mark with DIY fabric labels for your handmade goods.

DIY fabric labels for your handmade business | Spoonflower Blog

7. The modern jersey tank top is the perfect addition to your me-made wardrobe.

DIY Jersey Tank Top tutorial | Spoonflower Blog

8. Spruce up any space with handmade zipper pillows.

DIY Zipper Pillows | Spoonflower Blog
Featured designs by fleurpaperco, littlesmilemakers, mrshervi, mariaspeyer, trinetollefsen, bethan_janine

9. Make a Fanny Pack for your festie bestie!

DIY Fanny Pack | Spoonflower Blog

10. This is the DIY Cacti you need in your life!

The DIY cacti you need in your life | Spoonflower Blog

11. Your furniture will be feelin’ foxy with this dresser refresh using a roll of wallpaper.

Refurbish a dresser with wallpaper | Spoonflower Blog

12. Make a bandana bib for your little one!

DIY baby bibs - free pattern included! | Spoonflower Blog

13. Always on the go? A handmade headband is the accessory you can’t leave home without.

DIY knit headband | Spoonflower Blog

14. With just a fat quarter of your favorite knit fabric, you’ll have the cutest pair of baby leggings in under an hour!

Spoonflower - Knit baby leggings tutorial | Spoonflower Blog

15. Budget-friendly DIY alert! Find out how to revive thrift store furniture with peel and stick wallpaper.

Found out how to revive thrift store furniture with peel and stick wallpaper. | Spoonflower Blog
Featured design by ninaribena

16. Get ready to take your modern jersey scarf to infinity and beyond!

DIY modern jersey scarf | Spoonflower Blog
Featured design by mrshervi

17. Create an eye-catching paper flower backdrop for your next celebration.

Create an eye-catching paper flower backdrop for your next celebration. | Spoonflower Blog

18. The secret to perfect mitered corners is out and it’s easier than you might think!

The secret to perfect mitered corners | Spoonflower Blog
Featured design by Zoe_Ingram

19. You don’t have to break the bank to make a thoughtful wedding gift! These personalized pillows can be made for under $10!

DIY personalized wedding pillows for under $10 | Spoonflower Blog

20. A handmade fabric crown will make your little one feel like royalty!

DIY fabric crown for kids | Spoonflower Blog

21. This chiffon ballet skirt (free pattern included!) is on pointe!

DIY ballet skirt, free pattern included! | Spoonflower Blog

22. From dolls to pencil cases to tea towels, the real question is what can’t you make with a fat quarter of fabric?

Cora the Mermaid by Cerigwen | Spoonflower Blog

23. Transform a roll of wrapping paper into beautiful paper flowers for a DIY garland.

DIY Paper Flower Garland | Spoonflower Blog

24. It’s the look for less! Save some dough with reusable bowl covers in Lightweight Cotton Twill.

DIY fabric bowl covers | Spoonflower Blog

25. These DIY dog bandanas for under $3 will have you saying BOW-WOW!

DIY dog bandanas | Spoonflower Blog

Did you make any of these projects this year? Don’t forget to tag your makes with #spoonflower on your favorite social media to share!

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