A New and Improved Processing Method for Fat Quarters!

NOV 1, 2017
Featured designs by mirabelleprint and heatherdutton

At Spoonflower, we’re all about efficiency. Whether it’s making a conscious effort to use a printing process that doesn’t consume water and wastes less fabric than traditional methods by only printing each customer’s order or creating unique ways to help get your order out the door and onto your sewing table faster, we always have our community (that’s you!) on our mind. 

Starting this month, you may see a change in the way your fat quarters arrive. While the printing process and print size will remain the same, orders for two fat quarters of the same fabric base may arrive as one single undivided piece of fabric instead of the two individual fat quarters you are accustomed to receiving. The size of fat quarters has not changed, but the new processing method will allow your fat quarter orders to print, ship, and arrive more quickly, which means more time for you to create your projects!

Important note: Fat quarters of different fabric bases will continue to be printed as individual pieces and not all fat quarters of the same fabric base will arrive on one piece of fabric. This new processing method will be used for pairs of fat quarters only.

Featured designs by mirabelleprint and heatherdutton

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