Over the past (almost!) 10 years, the Spoonflower community has grown into a family of designers, crafters and makers. You could consider Spoonflower a melting pot of talent where one artist’s strength in design supports another artist’s strength in making. We love seeing these collaborations grow and we’ve even gotten to know some of the small business owners on a personal level through the Meet the Maker series on the blog. If you’ve ever considered taking the steps to owning your own business, you won’t want to miss these words of wisdom our maker community is sharing today! 

"If you try to please everyone, you won’t please anyone. Be authentic and create a style, let it evolve as needed and then shout it out from the rooftops! Your people will find you.” - Elisabeth Wing of Wingmade | Spoonflower Blog
Meet the Maker: Elisabeth Wing of Wingmade

There’s a lot of work in the book work and taxes. This is the not-so-nice part about running a small business, though you’ll learn a lot as you go. - Jane Newham, Doops Designs | Spoonflower Blog
Meet the Maker: Jane Newham of Doops Designs
4. "If someone doesn’t believe in your goal, you’ve got to remove them from your life. Surround yourself with positivity." - Maddie Flanigan, Madalynne | Spoonflower Blog
Meet the Maker: Maddie Flanigan of Madalynne
6. Instagram is where I’ve gained all of my business. I’ve connected with other makers, mothers, artists—it’s a true community designated for creatives. Annie Casale, WRAREDOLL | Spoonflower Blog
Meet the Maker: Annie Casale of WRAREDOLL
"Have a business and legal advisor. They provide sound business advice and direction that you’ll apply over the years and it really helps your business grow and mature.” - Ashley Alexis McFarlane,  Omi Woods | Spoonflower Blog
Meet the Maker: Ashley Alexis McFarlane of Omi Woods
Good product photography is the best way to show your audience that you have a good product. Adobe Suite skills and editing capabilities can also be crucial to your art. - Elisabeth Wing, Wingmade | Spoonflower Blog
Meet the Maker: Elisabeth Wing of Wingmade
Etsy helped me get started selling my textiles, thinking about how much to charge, how to advertise, how to photograph, how to brand. Spoonflower has allowed me to make my own textiles. Local craft sales have been a great way to make connections.- Zoë Linn Anderson | Spoonflower Blog
Meet the Maker: Zoë Linn Anderson
"As much as you wish it was possible, not everything can be done on your own. You have to find your squad who will love and support you no matter what and who will always help you accomplish your dreams and goals." - Maddie Flanigan, Madalynne
Meet the Maker: Maddie Flanigan of Madalynne
"Polish your math skills.” - Yaling Hou Suzuki, Flowie | Spoonflower Blog
Meet the Maker: Yaling Hou Suzuki of Flowie
"Stay true to yourself and stay within your personal boundaries and be happy with your decisions even if it disappoints someone else." - Tina Dixon, Buddha Babe | Spoonflower Blog
Meet the Maker: Tina Dixon Spence of Buddha Babe

15 Things to Know When Starting a Small Business | Spoonflower Blog

"Always strive for freshness." - Cinne Worthington of C.Banning Accessories | Spoonflower Blog
Meet the Maker: Cinne Worthington of C.Banning Accessories

As we’ve read in the many Meet the Maker interviews, there’s one thing we’ve learned from everyone: it’s not always sunshine and rainbows when you are your own boss.

Doing what you love and making a business doing what you love are not the same thing. The “business” part has (nearly) nothing to do with doing what you love and requires a completely new set of skills and traits. Cheryl Oldon, Ollie Jones Clothing
Meet the Maker: Cheryl Oldon of Ollie Jones Clothing
"It takes a lot of persistence and tweaking to match your products with those that could benefit from them.” -Jen and Madeleine Anderson, Gigy Bags | Spoonflower Blog
Meet the Maker: Jen and Madeleine Anderson of Gigy Bags
It can take years to get to something that is both sustainable and profitable. You will feel like you're spending every extra dollar that comes in on the things you need to keep it going. It’s a lot to take on, and it makes sense that it takes awhile to get it right.” Kathryn Zaremba | Spoonflower Blog
Meet the Maker: Kathryn Zaremba

If you’re thinking of starting your own business, or maybe you are already on the journey, just remember these words from Bethan Ludlam of Lsea Swim when times get tough:

It takes failing or not knowing all the answers to really push yourself and make it happen. That forces you to learn for yourself which makes you stand out in the end because you’re more invested, since the answers weren’t all given to you." Bethany Ludlam - Lsea Swimwear

Bonus! Now that you’ve learned 15 tips from the Spoonflower maker community, it’s time to learn how to craft your business with Spoonflower

"Thinking outside of the literal box, you can use Spoonflower fabric and wrapping paper branded with your business identity to create a professional and unique “unboxing” experience. - Sharon Fain, founder and director of the Academy of Handmade | Spoonflower Blog