How-To: Posters and Prints with Spoonflower Gift Wrap

SEP 6, 2017

Have an empty wall at home that needs some love? Spoonflower designer, Anda, has the perfect remedy in her easy to follow tutorial that turns Spoonflower gift wrap into beautiful works of art giving your bedroom, living room or hallway walls a major uplift! For designers and makers alike, read below to see how she does it. 

I recently remodeled my children’s bedroom. Okay — I actually just bought them a bunk bed and found a couple of new places to shove toys from immediate view. But, it’s like a whole new world in there! Somehow the process of rearranging a room always makes me want to revamp the artwork on display as well, so I started combing through old drawings for interesting kid’s room decor. Spoonflower’s gift wrap opens endless opportunities for inexpensive DIY artwork, and you can print several posters on one roll. In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through two ways to set up files with multiple images using Adobe Photoshop or InDesign.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Digital files of your photos or original artwork
  • Photoshop or InDesign design software
  • Rotary blade or scissors
  • Frames to fit the printed gift wrap

*Tip: If you don’t have access to Photoshop or InDesign, the posters featured in this tutorial are available for purchase in Anda’s Spoonflower shop

Photoshop Instructions

Create a new document in Adobe Photoshop sized for one roll of gift wrap, which is 26″ x 72″ at 150dpi.  Once you have the document set up, turn on rulers (⌘R) and grid lines (⌘’) to help you align everything more easily.

Now open all of your poster files in Photoshop. Then select, copy and paste each image into the Gift Wrap file. Use ‘Transform’ to rotate images if you need to.

I made my poster designs at A3 dimensions, which is a standard European paper size, and can fit 8 posters on one roll of gift wrap. This size is so great for creating a montage of prints in a kid’s room or creating something to decorate a smaller space in the house.

Once all images are in one file, save as a PNG or JPG and you are ready to upload to Spoonflower

InDesign Instructions

As an alternative, you can also use Adobe InDesign to layout your designs. This is the way I always do it now, because it’s a lot easier to add and move images around — just click and an image is selected, and you can resize and rotate just by dragging the corners.

Open InDesign and create a new file as you would in Photoshop, sized to be 26” x 72”. To add your posters quickly to your Gift Wrap file, use Place (⌘D). You can select them all at once.

There are a ton of ways to align and resize images in inDesign but the most straightforward method is by clicking the corners of the files and moving them around. You can turn on grids in the same way you did in Photoshop.

InDesign allows you to export (⌘E) the image to multiple file formats, different resolutions, color profiles, etc. It also usually creates a smaller resulting JPG or PNG, which is helpful if your composite in Photoshop is getting too gigantic for Spoonflower (limit is 40M).

To create a file to upload to Soonflower, click Export (⌘E), name your file and then choose the format you want to save, such as JPEG, PNG or EPS. In the next window you can adjust settings accordingly — for this example, I saved it as a 150dpi JPEG. 

Now it’s time to upload to Spoonflower! You will want to choose Gift Wrap as your substrate and set a centered repeat. 

Final Step

Once the posters arrive, unroll and lay flat on a cutting surface. Measure and use an X-acto knife and a straight edge to cut the posters apart.

You’ve done it! Now your posters are ready to frame and hang!



Anda Corrie is an illustrator and artist living in Berlin, Germany. We just can’t get enough of Anda’s vibrant and playful designs that span not only decor for children’s bedrooms, but for just about anything else you can dream up. Find more project inspiration on her website or follow her adventures on Instagram.

We’d love to see how your Spoonflower posters and prints turn out! Show us your makes with #spoonflower and #spoonflowered on social media.

To discover more ideas for using Spoonflower gift wrap in unusual ways, click here or for more home decor ideas, click here.


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