Say hello to unparalleled luxury with Celosia Velvet™, the newest fabric to join the Spoonflower line-up! This show-stopper fabric is printed with a rich and long-lasting color and is certain to add bespoke luxury to a variety of your me-made projects. From apparel and accessories to interior accents, it’s the perfect choice for commercial or personal upholstery projects, drapery, and other home dècor applications.

Spoonflower's Celosia Velvet™ is pure luxury | Spoonflower Blog
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  • 54″ wide printable area (137 cm)
  • 10.9 oz per square yard
  • Non-optic white
  • Estimated shrinkage: 2% in width and 6% in length
  • Perfect for home dècor and commercial-grade upholstery, heavyweight apparel, and luxurious accessories
Glam Gold Mermaid printed on Celosia Velvet™ | Spoonflower Blog
Glam Gold Mermaid by crystal_walen

Keep reading to see how Spoonflower team member Jenell shows how to transform the corner of your house or apartment into a comfy, cushioned getaway, perfectly tailored to your personal style. 

Jenell: As long as I have been a professional fabric hoarder, I have learned that every fabric has a personality, and Celosia Velvet is no different. It’s a fabric that’s luxe while still super comfortable and approachable. It’s like the Beyoncè of fabric: versatile, unique and always on trend. Upon receiving the fabric, I was a little nervous about the weight of the fabric for this project, but once I washed it, it only got better! Next on the agenda, a velvet duffle bag! Before I hop onto that project, let me show you how to make this perfect pouf!

The Essential DIY Floor Pouf in Celosia Velvet™! | Spoonflower Blog
Black and White Hand-Painted Modern Lines and Dots by printwork_by_toni_point
The Essential DIY Floor Pouf in Celosia Velvet™! | Spoonflower Blog
Pouf! Your new go-to pillow project will the statement piece you’ve been looking for. Shaggy day by akwaflorell


Velvet Floor Pouf materials | Spoonflower Blog

Pro Tip: Before sewing, wash your velvet and tumble dry on low heat for optimum softness and to prevent shrinkage.

Step 1: Cutting out your pieces

Before you start, decide how large you want your pillow to be. My finished pillow is going to be 29” x 29” and because I plan on making more (a lot more!), I created a 30″ x 30″ pattern piece from old gridded gift wrap. The extra inch on all sides gives me a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Add a notch to the center of the fabric | Spoonflower Blog

Go ahead and cut out two 30″ x 30″ pieces. Take one of your pieces, fold in half, and mark the middle with a small snip.

Step 2: Notching and Ironing Your Zipper

Snipping the zipper | Spoonflower Blog

Grab your zipper (I’m using an invisible zipper, but you can use anything that suits your style), fold in half and make a small snip at its center. 

Iron the zipper to ensure it lays flat | Spoonflower Blog

Next, unfold and iron your zipper to make sure the teeth lay flat using the tip of your iron–coordinating nails are optional. 🙂

Step 3: Attaching Fringe (optional)

Pinning pom poms/razzle to the velvet | Spoonflower Blog

Grab your Razzle Dazzle (pom trim, fringe, etc.) and pin it to one of the printed sides of the fabric, making sure to align the edge of the trim with the edge of your cut piece.

Sewing razzle dazzle/pom pom magic on your pouf | Spoonflower Blog

Sew all the way around, pivoting with the needle in the fabric when you turn each corner.

Step 4: Matching Notches and Sewing Zipper

Match the notch on your fabric to the notch on your zipper | Spoonflower Blog

Place your zipper, pull side down, onto your fabric, matching the notch you made on your zipper with the notch on your fabric piece.

Sewing the other side of the zipper | Spoonflower Blog

Switch to your zipper foot and sew, staying as close to the zipper, without sewing over it as you can. (You may need to move the zipper pull as you sew). Repeat with the other pillow piece, aligning your pillow pieces before sewing.

Pro tip: If you want to add tassels, now is the time! Pin and sew them to the inside corners of one pillow piece with the tassel fringe facing towards the center. This is what we did for our display pillow pictured at the bottom!

Attach the zipper to your pillow pieces | Spoonflower Blog
How do you #spoonflowerpicit?

Step 5: Finishing Up the Zipper

Unzip your pillow about half way down, and sew the edges together using a 1/2in seam, right sides together.

Pro tip: To get a crisp, professional finish, press lightly with an iron on a synthetic setting, with a towel between the iron and the fabric.

Stuffing our pillow with fiberfill | Spoonflower Blog

Step 7: Stuff Your Pillow!

Flip right side out and stuff with your favorite filling. We used fiberfill, but you can use anything plush.

The Essential DIY Floor Pouf in Celosia Velvet™! | Spoonflower Blog
Add a pop of personality with tassels or pom poms!

The Essential DIY Floor Pouf in Celosia Velvet™! | Spoonflower Blog

And that’s all there is to it! Place your pouf in a corner and get to snuggling. Ready to give our must luxurious fabric a try? Find even more Celosia Velvet inspiration here!

Jenell is a creative kid from Brooklyn, NY, currently procraftinating in Durham, NC. When she isn’t designing graphics and websites, she is sewing or helping her sewing community, PrettyGirlsSew, host their Rippin’ Ain’t Easy Sewing Competition.