Whoever said wallpaper was meant just for your walls never met the Spoonflower community. Removable, renter-friendly wallpaper like our Peel and Stick offers the freedom to use your wallpaper in unexpected places like your laptop, desk, bathroom drawers and even your stairs. When it comes to stairs, you come and go on them every day, so why not brighten your way!

With the smooth, water-activated option, your project is wallpaper paste free and the woven, peel & stick wallpaper is ready for install once the paper backing has been removed. It’s just that easy! See some of our favorite wallpapered stair projects and find out how you can recreate these looks using designs from the Spoonflower Marketplace

1. We can’t help but stare at this playful combination of bold colors and geometric prints.

Brighten your way with Spoonflower wallpaper on your stairs | Spoonflower Blog
Brighten your way with peel & stick wallpaper | Shop the collection 

2. Take your home decor to infinity and beyond with galaxy inspired wallpaper.

Galaxy stairs | Spoonflower Blog
Recreate the look with galaxy stairs by janandrea

3. The term treehouse has a completely new meaning when your stairs are adorned in birch trees!

Head into the forest with birch tree stairs | Spoonflower Blog
Create your indoor treehouse with Birch Grove by willowlanetextiles | Apartment Therapy |  Olga Shibiko Photography

4. Mix and match bold patterns and botanical designs for a lasting impression.

Botanical wallpaper with a pop of pattern add style to a stairway | Spoonflower Blog
Find your botanical style | Decor 8 Blog

5. Love the look of tiled stairs but your landlord just won’t allow it? Recreate the look with a tile inspired wallpaper!

Impress guests with a faux tile staircase | Spoonflower Blog
It’ll be our little secret! | Architectural Digest

6. Make a dramatic entrance with statement stairs.

Make a dramatic entrance with wallpaper covered stairs | Spoonflower Blog
Meet the designer, Kathryn Zaremba | Stairs by Jacky Hayward

7. These wallpapered stairs are spot on.

Wallpaper your stairs for a quick pop of style | Spoonflower Blog
Find inspiration in Painted Black Dots on White by Weegallery |  A Beautiful Mess

8. Welcome home, deer.

Faux fur carpet stairs | Spoonflower Blog
Update your foyer with faux fur wallpaper stairs | Simplified Bee

9. Be sure to stop and smell the…stairs? Dainty floral prints in pastel colors create the perfect vintage look.

Floral wallpaper designs make for dainty stairs | Spoonflower Blog
Get lost in a patch of floral designs | Ideal Home

10. Catch the Rainbow Flight with a burst of neon!

Rainbow stairs | Spoonflower Blog
We hear there’s a pot of gold at the top of these stairs | Home Edit

The inspiration doesn’t have to stop here! Keep reading to find more of our favorite wallpaper hacks and be sure to share your projects with #spoonflower