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The first time we spotted one of Annie Casale’s adorable outfits on Instagram, we were immediately smitten (though to be fair, it’s impossible not to be.)  Her company, WRAREDOLL, offers sweetly imaginative dresses, swimwear and more featuring Spoonflower designs. As the online store has grown, Annie recently opened a brick & mortar in her hometown of Vero Beach, Florida. Read more to see which quote she feels sums up the “can’t turn it off” mindset that many of us have!

My day starts with:

“My 2-year-old waking me up. A strong cup of coffee and checking messages. My husband and I get the girls and ourselves ready and off we go. During summer the girls come to our new store, so it’s challenging to get things done. Luckily we have great family and friends who help entertain them so we can actually get some work done.”

Girl wearing watercolor art top and pink tulle skirt | Meet the Maker: Annie Casale | Spoonflower Blog
design by cest_la_viv, tutu playsuit by WRAREDOLL

I fell in love with making goods when:

“I got my first mannequin and sewing machine. I think I slept three hours a night for weeks. I loved making dresses for myself casually, then my wedding dress, then little girl’s clothes.”

When I’m in my studio/workplace, I feel:

“Like there are endless things I could make. I love to keep many types of fabrics on hand. Random trims, elastics, prints, etc.—I could also totally own a fabric shop lol!”

Girl in Hawaiian print 2-piece outfit & hangers on a rack | Meet the Maker: Annie Casale | Spoonflower Blog
design by nouveau_bohemian, 2-piece set by WRAREDOLL

Who or what influences or inspires your work and why?

“Home design is so interesting to me. I find inspiration in architecture, shapes, women’s wear, nature, my girls…  inspiration is everywhere!”

​What’s in your toolbox as a maker?

“Sharp scissors, needles, thread, a seam ripper, knitters hook, pins, tweezers, and a machine duster.”

Sweet hanging chair for girls & girl wearing tutu with umbrella | Meet the Maker: Annie Casale | Spoonflower Blog
design by peacoquettedesigns, tutu playsuit by WRAREDOLL

My proudest accomplishment over the last year is:

“Opening our first brick & mortar. I’m usually very afraid to take the next step with anything, especially when it comes to putting work into the hands of others, so this was a big fear conquered.”

What piece of your wardrobe best represents your style?

“Maxi dresses that flow. I find that throwing on a big and pretty dress can fix any mood.”

Girl in orange print dress and girl in tutu | Meet the Maker: Annie Casale | Spoonflower Blog
Left: design by danica_irene and dress by WRAREDOLL | Right: design by katrina_ward and tutu playsuit by WRAREDOLL

What do you wish you were told before starting a small business?

“I think people are under the impression that when you ‘work from home’ you create your own hours—which you do—but the fact is you PAY for that freedom. The past few months have been so stressful. I’ve wanted nothing more than a vacation, even just a weekend. My husband sent me the following quote. It sums up the mindset that’s required.

“In my mind nothing is more abhorrent than a life of ease…”
Excerpt from Henry Ford’s My Life and Work

Obviously as a mother I’m committed to my girls right now, and my business does take a backseat. Thankfully my husband fills in for me and manages the business side of things. Prioritizing what’s most important gives me peace.”

Annie Casale's Family Road Trip | Meet the Maker: Annie Casale | Spoonflower Blog
Annie and her family took a road trip out to California in a rented pickup truck, which inspired some of her latest collection; dress by WRAREDOLL

What has been an important resource to you as a small business owner and why?

“Instagram is where I’ve gained all of my business. I’ve connected with other makers, mothers, artists—it’s a true community designated for creatives.”

My favorite Spoonflower fabric to work with is:

Cotton Spandex Jersey, because it’s soft, natural, and kid-friendly. I do love Basic Cotton Ultra. And also Modern Jersey for true color retention!”

If you like adorable things, you just have to follow WRAREDOLL on Instagram (seriously, do it!) And plan a visit to the new storefront in Vero Beach, Florida if you’re ever in the area.

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