Did you know Spoonflower is celebrating its 9th birthday this year? While we’re not quite at double digits, the community has grown to over 16,000 independent designers from all over the globe which means you can find exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to custom fabric, wallpaper and fabric. Looking for a llama design? No prob-llama. Need the perfect fabric for your donut themed party? Donut look anywhere else but our marketplace!

We love connecting with our design community in emails for our Meet the Artist series and a highlight of our day is seeing what you’re making with #spoonflower on our favorite social channels. However, it’s not often we get the chance to meet with our design community in person.

So, when the opportunity came our way to meet some of our fabulous designers and chat about all of the new things we have been up to help grow their earnings with us (like new distribution strategies with Etsy and Ebay), we knew we couldn’t miss the chance! Follow along as Spoonflower’s President, Allison Sloan Polish, and Etsy Channel Manager + Designer Advocate, Tara (aka tarareed), recap their trip to the 2017 Surtex show and say hello to the designer friends they met along the way!

Tara and Kelly Gilleran are a match made in foodie heaven with a food inspired ensemble with Tara wearing a cheeseburger t-shirt and Kelly wearing a waffle dress!
Great Spoonflower minds think alike! Tara and Marketplace designer kellygilleran are feeling the red cardi and food inspired ensemble at Surtex!
Photo of Tara Reed and Solvejg Makaretz
Tara enjoys a stop to meet Spoonflower designer and maker, Solvejg Makaretz

It was really great having the opportunity to meet so many designers from our community! Spoonflower would not be what it is without the incredible designers that make up our Marketplace. Forming bonds at Surtex with existing designers and meeting new ones was a great step forward in fostering growth within out community. – Tara Reed, Etsy Channel Manager + Designer Advocate

Photo of Allison Polish, Tara Reed and Misha Zadeh all wearing Spoonflower designs
Did Allison and Tara find their textile twin in Spoonflower designer mishazadeh? Designs by meliszawang, mirjamauno, and mishazadeh.
Red flowers with brown middles and brown leaves appear with bunches of red-outlined flowers on a cream background
Seeds & Bloom by mishazadeh
Jenny Edwards, her husband and Tara Reed pose for a photo
Jenny Edwards (ms_jenny_lemon) and her husband show Tara what’s in the works for her upcoming collections.

We’d love to learn more about the surface design shows that you value most! Let us know which events you’ll be attending by commenting below. Maybe we’ll even see you there!