The DIY Leggings you NEED this Summer | Video Tutorial

APR 25, 2017

Spoonflower has joined with Sprout Patterns again to show you how to stitch up a stretchy, sporty pair of leggings just in time for warm weather. The Sloan Leggings are comfy, stylish, and equally perfect for trail running and running errands. The pattern is for a simple well-fitting pair of leggings, with multiple lengths and a key pocket. Learn more (and get creating!) here. Choose your favorite Spoonflower design, create your leggings, and follow along with the video below. You’ll be comfortably stretching and lunging–or just hanging out with friends–in no time. Let’s get started!

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An important update about Sprout Patterns | Spoonflower Blog

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  • Your Sprout Patterns Project! (We recommend prewashing your fabric to prevent shrinkage. There’s nothing worse than forgetting to pre-wash your newly sewn, perfectly fitting garment to find that it no longer fits once washed.)
  • Stretch or ballpoint needle
  • Sewing machine with zig zag stitch or serger
  • Scissors or rotary blade and cutting mat
  • Optional: 1/4 yard knit or tricot fusible
  • Optional: 1 yard of 3/8″ clear elastic
  • Optional: twin needle for hemming


We opted not to use fusible interfacing / elastic for the waistband or to add the extra key pocket BUT the full directions with these steps will be emailed to you upon purchase of your Sloan Leggings.

Pattern Additions – This pattern comes with two versions you can make – View A is a regular pair of leggings and view B features piecing options to make your leggings unique. Both views include a separate shaped waistband for a flattering fit and cutting lines for capri and 3/4 length leggings on the original pattern. Okay, let’s jump in!

Nicole is wearing Leggings Oasis and Theresa is wearing Buried Bones

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Start by cutting out your pattern pieces on the black lines, not the white margin around the pieces! You should have a front and back waistband, front and back waistband lining, and right and left leg pieces.

Pinning and Sewing the front and back leg pieces together via the crotch seams

2. Pin and sew the front and back crotch seams, right sides together, matching notches.

Pinning and sewing our Sloan Leggings inseam, right sides together

3. Next, pin and sew the inseam from ankle to ankle.

Pinning Waistband pieces in place and sewing together

4. Place front and back waistband pieces right sides together and pin in place. Sew the waistband front and back together at the side seams.

Pinning and sewing waistband lining together

5. Repeat for the waistband lining front and back.

Pinning waistband and waistband lining together, matching side seams

6. Pin the waistband and waistband lining, right sides together, along the top edge, matching up side seams.

Waistband + waistband lining sewn together

7. Sew the waistband and waistband lining together and turn the sewn waistband right side out.

Pinning the sewn waistband/lining to our leggings

9. Pin the waistband and leggings right sides together, aligning the lower edges of the waistband and waistband lining with the top edge of the leggings. Match side seams and the center notches on the waistband with the side notches and center seam on the leggings.

Attaching the waistband to our leggings

10. Sew the waistband to the leggings.

Folding up the leggings 1/2

11. Fold the legging hems up 1/2″ and pin in place. Hem the needles with a zigzag stitch.

Pro Tip: It is easier to sew a narrow opening like the ankle hem with your presser foot inside the leggings. If you are using a twin needle or coverhem machine, you will topstitch the hem, and the leggings will be inside out.

Two pairs of finished Sloan Leggings in the wild

12. Turn the leggings right side out. Congratulations, your leggings are finished and fantastic. Try them on and get to lounging or lunging, whatever you’re in the mood for 😉

Two more finished pairs of Sloan Leggings in the woods!

Need a little design inspiration for your pair of leggings? See what our community has curated with one of our newest features, Collections, and start your collection today!

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    • Hi Janet,
      You can purchase the Sloan leggings pattern directly from Hey June Handmade.

  • Hey I’m excited to get a pair done for my granddaughter. And if she likes them I’ll get me a pair, can I order mine longer in length an custom request that the legs from about knees down be gradually cut into a boot cut?

    • Hi Deena,
      We hope your granddaughter loves them as much as we do! The Sloan Leggings are available in Petite, Regular and Tall but unfortunately the cut of the ankle can not be customized at this time. If you have any other questions about the fit of the leggings, please contact Sprout Patterns via their help desk. Good luck with your project!

  • Elizabeth Poole

    I don’t understand your prewashing comment. The patter comes printed in a fixed size. It’s going to shrink the same amount whether you prewash it first or wash it later.

    If it won’t fit after washing, it won’t fit after prewashing, either.

    If the fabric will shrink, then the printing algorithm should upsize the pattern by the shrinkage amount.

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanks so much for your comment! The sewing pattern has been enlarged through a special processing system so it shrinks appropriately after washing depending on the fabric it is printed on. We always recommend to pre-wash the fabric before you sew your garment.

  • Do you have a person who will make the leggings for a price. Had my 4th stroke on Valentine’s Day and my sewing skills are very inadequate. Thanks for your help.

  • Paula Salvatore

    Is there a pattern for the leggings? How do I subscribe to the tutorials?