Meet the Designer: Christina Veit aka Friztin

APR 24, 2017

Christina (Friztin on Spoonflower) has been with our design community for a while now, and we have always been fans of her abstract, textural signature style. She was randomly selected to win our giveaway for a free pass to the Makers Summit Conference, where we had a chance to chat and get to know her a bit better. We knew we had to interview Christina so that our community could hear her story as well. Follow along as Christina shares her influences and how she got started in design! 

Friztin’s color swatches help her plan the palettes she uses in her designs

Christina at work in her studio

Where do you currently live?
“I’m lucky to live on a beautiful mountain close to one of my favorite local state parks, about 15 minutes away from downtown Greenville, SC.”

My day starts with:

I fell in love with design:
“Back in high school when my art teacher told me she thought graphic design could be a good fit for me as a career and I started researching it. I took a tour at the Caracas Design Institute (IDC) and I was sold when I saw the amazing student work showcased on the school walls and displays. I specialized in illustration and I’ve worked as a web and graphic designer as well as being an art/creative director for a couple of small ad agencies. As a child I was exposed to and grew to love many different types of art through the many artists in my own family.”

printed fabric samples from Christina’s shop

What’s in your toolbox?
“Depends on the hat I’m wearing! There are many different toolboxes in my studio; I have painting, sewing, carving and cake decorating tools, lots of paper and fabrics. I’m currently looking to invest in some ceramic and pottery tools. I like learning and mixing techniques – that’s how I’ve acquired a lot of different kinds of tools. I’m also a power tool fan. I’ve built a few tree houses in the past and I love working with wood.”

Retro Kitchen Tiles by Friztin (lime for scale!)

When I’m in my studio, I feel:
“Totally at peace. I rarely go out, and spend most of my time designing, staring out the windows or in my garden – you could say I’m a bit of an introvert!”

Who or what influences or inspires your work and why?
“There are many influences and sources of inspiration for my work. Most of it comes from childhood memories and experiences. I love children’s books and toys and own a few for myself. I also love the character of Mid-century Modern and Bauhaus design styles, and antique Japanese artwork, textiles and pottery. I like the minimalist, streamlined, futuristic and sometimes rustic or imperfect features, with bold and clean lines. And all things nature, of course!”

Cut and Sew Yeti Dolls designed by Friztin

If I could live in a painting, I would live in:
“‘Waterfall’ by M.C. Escher.”

MC Escher's Waterfall
From M.C. Escher’s online gallery

What piece of your wardrobe best represents your style?
“I love my chunky sweaters, structured jackets and striped socks.”

Kokedama fabric by Friztin shown here

I’d love to see one of my designs turned into:
“A product line for any of my favorite brands such as West Elm, Land of Nod, Fern Living, Target or IKEA, to name but a few.”

The secret to a strong collection is:
“Consistency, which is achieved by repeating elements, colors and/or textures through the designs within the collection. I’m currently working with a fixed color palette to create a cohesive collection of patterns, which are easier to mix and match. I call it the ‘M + M palette.'”

Kokedama by Friztin printed on Satin

Best advice I ever received OR my mantra is:
“Those who persevere, reach.”

Who or what drew you to Spoonflower?
“Definitely the wallpaper! I had been looking for a while for resources to produce my own wallpaper. I had already spotted Spoonflower a few months before and had even uploaded a few designs, but I decided to focus on building a Spoonflower portfolio when the site launched wallpapers back in 2012.”

See more of Christina’s whimsical designs here and be sure to tag her (and us!) on Instagram @Friztingram #FriztinPatterns, Pinterest/ FB/Twitter @friztin if you are creating products with her beautiful fabrics so we can see!

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  • Alejandro Parrilla

    I’ve always admired you as an artist, Christina Veit, since our formative days
    I love your sense of design, your simplicity and sensibility.
    I wish you all the luck in the world with your projects and endeavors.
    The world needs more of you.


  • Sue Surface

    I love your designs! Your words help motivate me — I’m a fiber artist, however, my studio houses many materials for the different hats I wear each day, too, including the love of children’s books. I didn’t have an academic art background or many official art experiences as a young child growing up (other than staring at those gorgeous stained glass windows in the church we attended.) I’ve come to study art in college at a later age, when my daughter was a junior in high school. Design class was the one I excelled in, and I ended up moving towards the fiber arts as I wanted to make my own wallpaper of handmade paper.
    Anyway, what do you say to someone who is 62 years old and who has a hard time forcing the practice, consistency, habit of drawing and designing? As we have just moved to Colorado, I am looking for a new support group of artists for synergetic sharing. I do envision finding a “job” someday here, in which designing would be an integral part of each day.