Announcing the Opposites Attract Employee Design Challenge Winners

APR 6, 2017
Lines Meet Curves by Alexis P is this week’s winner!

This week, the roles were reversed and Spoonflower staffers put on our design hats and competed in our Annual Employee Design Challenge! Our hats are off to Alexis P, Spoonflower’s own Senior Graphic Designer who scored first place with her geometrically contradictory design: Lines Meet Curves. Brava, Alexis!  Alexis will be crowned with a Near & Dear Unicorn Wall Mount covered in her winning design and a $50 Etsy gift card. Congrats are also in order for Sprout Patterns Creative Director Caroline and her Sea and Sky design which earned her 2nd place and $100 in Spoondollars! The 3rd place goes to Social Media Manager Theresa, who will receive $50 in Spoondollars for her design, Inhale // Exhale. The remaining top 15 popularly voted designs will receive local North Carolina treats and designs will be automatically made available for sale (provided the designers are already verified sellers) in the Marketplace where they will receive 10% commission on every sale — no $5.00 swatch required! Check out the winner’s circle. 

1. 404 votes for Lines Meet Curves by alexispdesigns
2. 374 votes for Sea and Sky Opposites Attract by brainsarepretty
3. 352 votes for inhale // exhale by trizzuto
4. 318 votes for Lines “Drawn to” Circles – Black & White by suz_pozzo
5. 264 votes for Night and Day Mudcloth by joe_w
6. 220 votes for Opposites: Venn Diagram by jennifer_spanos
7. 204 votes for Opposites Attract by bmunson
8. 194 votes for Opposites Attract – Vanilla and Chocolate by cdmackeyfree
9. 193 votes for Element of Life – Positive and Negative by kellyw
10. 190 votes for Black and White Botanicals by atate
11. 175 votes for circles_squares_black_white by andrea_prudenciofaggins
12. 142 votes for Flowers through cracked ground by stephanie_symonds
13. 131 votes for I’ve Seen Sun and I’ve Seen Rain by emerson_jones
14. 123 votes for Floral Filet by holiday
15. 113 votes for Loud / Quiet by lstilphen
16. 111 votes for Geometric and Organic by marin_holmes
17. 101 votes for Good Day Good Night by barbarapritchard
18. 88 votes for positive / negative (head)space by ashley_mason
19. 85 votes for Girlande grau schwarz weiß by maria_neid
20. 84 votes for Growth and Decay – Opposites Attract by elizabeth_wilson
21. 73 votes for transparent/opaque by katie_allen
22. 56 votes for Vampire_Garlic by lindyd
23. 49 votes for Shapes & Flowers by jamiepowell
24. 36 votes for Coffee_Lullaby by kkresica
25. 35 votes for Monochromatic vs. Color- Paula’s Entry by patwood
26. 34 votes for Leo and Lamb by emma_d_ptak
27. 33 votes for Storm and Sunshine by eva_yapuncich
28. 23 votes for spoonflower_staff_challenge_opposites_attract_mf by clubdearte

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