At Spoonflower, we’re all about collaboration. Whether we’re working with our talented community of Marketplace designers to create whimsical projects like the chocolate milk tent or partnering with companies like Bucketfeet for weekly design challenges, the thought of bouncing around ideas with other creatives fills us with excitement! So, when we were contacted by Snap Pea Catering, a local catering company that focuses on wildly creative concept dinners in surprising locations,​ we knew this would be the tastiest collaboration to date. Although, we must admit, at first we were left scratching our heads as to how executive chef and owner, Jacob Boehm, would transform the Spoonflower HQ, a fully functioning factory, into a pop-up restaurant for three nights in March…

Lightweight Cotton Twill menus
The 10 course menu, inspired by popular Marketplace designs, was printed on Lightweight Cotton Twill!
50 guests dined outside the Spoonflower print room
The Spoonflower factory gets a restaurant makeover for one weekend in March!

Snap Pea Catering pastry chef, Audra Thomas, brings Holli Zollinger’s design Stacked to life through a classic dessert with a twist!

At Snap Pea Underground, each dish is carefully crafted to surprise and delight, from the surprise location to the concept menu. Yes – you read that right–diners don’t know where or what they’ll be eating until the actual event! For this menu, Jacob used inspiration from Spoonflower’s Marketplace and took designs from textiles to taste buds! No detail was overlooked and the creative interpretation of ten designs from the Marketplace transformed into ten courses left not only our bellies full but our creative brains whizzing.

Curious to see how Snap Pea Catering interpreted some of our most popular Marketplace designs? Take a look at the plated courses next to their design inspiration below!

Course 1
sprigs and blooms // blush by ivieclothco
radish, shoots, flowers, meyer lemon

Course 2
lion // lion head grey and gold by Andrea Lauren
dandelion soup, spring onion

Course 3
purple space stars by inspirationz
purple cabbage, ginger, crispies

Course 4
gold glitter hearts baby fabric by willowlanetextiles
carolina gold rice, gold from the garden

Course 5
Malachite 2 by ravynka
raab, ricotta, pine nuts, aleppo oil

Course 6
freeform arrows in cream on gray by domesticate
cavatelli, celery, cultured butter

Course 7
weeping angels toile de jouy by debi birkin
dixie lee peas, sorghum, sourdough

Course 8
elephant march by endemic
honey cake, saffron, yogurt, thai chili

Course 9
stacked by holli zollinger
s’more, caramel ganache, candied sweet potato

Course 10
mod mint by mrshervi
mint julep

Jacob Boehm shares with guests the inspiration for the dinner
A 10 course meal inspired by textile designs? Executive Chef and Owner, Jacob Boehm, was up to the challenge!

Photography by Anna Routh

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