Free Design Templates for a Personalized Wedding Pillow Gift

MAR 28, 2017 updated Jul 29, 2021

Earlier this year, we were feeling the love when we shared our Personalized Wedding Pillows for Under $10 DIY project on the blog. We received lots of excitement for this project and a handful of requests for a pillow template. The wedding bells must be ringing because today we’re excited to share four different pillow templates, ready for your customized details! 

vintage airmail wedding pillow printed with Spoonflower fabric
Personalize your next wedding gift with a Lightweight Cotton Twill pillow. Ready to Fly wallpaper by Meredith Macleod


  • 1 yard of new Lightweight Cotton Twill makes three 16″ pillows (finished size is 15″ square). Only want one pillow? Be sure to select either of the 14.5″ front/back versions below ( formatted for a Lightweight Cotton Twill fat quarter)
  • Pillow templates
  • iron
  • scissors or rotary blade
  • straight pins
  • coordinating thread
  • Fiber fill

To create a customized pillow, click and download the pillow template below that best suits your needs. Version 1 & 2 are individual pillows that could be set-up as a master layout if you need more than one customized pillow. Version 3 & 4 are set-up to print on one fat quarter of Lightweight Cotton Twill and will yield one pillow front and one pillow back.

By creating a master layout, one yard of Lightweight Cotton Twill ( 58″ x 36″) will yield three pillows

To see details on how to update your template in Photoshop, visit the original blog post here.

Version 1 : 16″ x 16″ Front with customizable cancellation stamp

Version 2 : 16″ x 16″ Front without customizable cancellation stamp

Version 1 + 2 : 16″ x 16″ Back

Version 3 : 14.5″ x 14.5″ front and back with customizable cancellation stamp
designed for a Lightweight Cotton Twill fat quarter

 Version 4 : 14.5″ x 14.5″ front and back without customizable cancellation stamp
designed for a Lightweight Cotton Twill fat quarter

 Step 2. Add custom text

You can add your custom address and event event details through free programs like MS Paint, GIMP, or PicMonkey.

Step 3. Save file

Once complete, save the updated file as a JPG or PNG following your design program instructions.

Step 4. Order Your Fabric

At this point, you can order your customized pillow fabric! Once logged into your Spoonflower account, select Design > Upload and choose the updated version of your pillow template. Select the Lightweight Cotton Twill and fat quarter options in the drop down menus. Add the design to your cart.

If you’ve created a master layout and your file is 58″ x 36″, be sure to select the yard option.

With your fabric printed, you’re ready to sew up your pillow using your favorite pillow tutorial.

Getting ready to use this template for a wedding or housewarming gift? Be sure to let us know by commenting below!


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  • Hi there, Is it possible to take a photo of one of my original paintings & have it transferred on to the twill fabric so I can make a pillow? Thanks!

    • Hi Mirella,

      It sure it! After you take a high resolution photograph or scan of your painting, you can either upload it directly to Spoonflower or set up a cut-and-sew file in a design program like Photoshop as detailed in this blog post. If you want to skip the DIY, you can also order a finished tea towel with your painting directly from Spoonflower after you upload your artwork. I hope that helps, but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!

  • Mollie McKibbon

    This is a great idea! Our fiftieth wedding anniversary is next year. Would it be possible to have a Canadian stamp? I don’t suppose it would matter, but that would be a wonderful idea.

    • Hi Mollie,
      This would be a great anniversary present! We found these stamps on Etsy and suggest searching there for digital stamps from Canada or other countries. Good luck!
      -Meredith from Spoonflower

  • Is it possible to design a card, print it on the back of the pillow and the address on the front, kind of like a Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas, etc. pillow that would be reversible?

    • Hi Bon,

      We love this idea and think you should definitely give it a try! If you’ve got a physical greeting card, we suggest scanning it first at a high resolution and then uploading it to your design program of choice.

  • I just made mine (for my little brother’s upcoming wedding)! I downloaded a free typewriter style font (Veteran Typewriter) and used the free GIMP program for my lettering. I added a sweet “love” quote to the return address line and another to the “back” of the envelope/pillow just under the “flap”. I’m going to make an insert and put an invisible zipper on this case so that they can take it off and wash it if need be. So excited!!! Thanks for these wonderful templates and, as Lynn mentioned, these would be amazing for other special events too!! Great idea for a lovely personalized, handmade gift!!

    • Hi Deena,
      That is so great! We are thrilled to hear you found the template useful and we’re sure the lucky couple will love the thoughtful gift. We’d love to see photos of the finished pillows!

  • Lynn Rickman

    What a wonderful personalized gift idea, thanks!
    Hey, what about other pillow ideas along these same lines marking milestones such as births, graduations, retirement, etc…?