Color Map on fabric

Aside from using it to perfectly match digital RGB hex codes to the printed color of a certain fabric type, did you know that our color maps also make for some pretty amazing sewing projects? Employees of Spoonflower know this better than anyone, as many of us have used our color maps to create everything from pillows to headbands and even guitar straps! Check out a few of our favorite projects below, and pick up a color map of your very own here. The color maps just got a new look with even bigger hex squares, so even if you already have a few laying around at home it may be time to upgrade or try one in a different fabric. Here are a few projects for all of you ultimate color nerds like us out there!

Make Curtain Ties

Spoonflower web developer Leah uses color map scraps to sew her own curtain ties that fasten easily using velcro.
Couch upholstery fabric is A Nod to the House Bird by Kate Rhees
Choose Linen Cotton Canvas for a added texture

Add a custom collar or sleeve cuff to a favorite button down

Pop that collar for extra credit!
Add elbow patches to a Paxson sweatshirt

Another awesome Negroni shirt featuring Bauhaus Red Large by Nomono

Fashion A Guitar Strap

Customer Service Advocate Jessica made this rockin’ color map guitar strap!

Stitch Up A Stretchy Head Band or Cap

Customer Service Advocate Crystal is bringing hexy back in this stretchy color map head band. Use this tutorial to make one of your own.
Spoonflower pride!

Sew A Pair of Leggings

We love the Sloan leggings web developer Katie made using a Sport Lycra color map!

Strike a pose!

color map leggings

Make Wrist Wraps

Impress everyone at your Cross Fit gym with color map wrist wraps made out of Eco Canvas
Protect ya’ neck (and your wrists!)
Community outreach coordinator Meredith had the clever idea to turn her color map into wrist wraps for working out! We might have thought of that ourselves but we don’t really work out…. maybe we should try that sometime.

Stitch Up a Quick Lined Zipper Pouch

A color map lined zipper pouch for all your supplies
One of our favorite color map projects is also a Spoonflower classic–a lined zipper pouch. Pick a fun fabric for the inside lining, and you’ve got a carry-all for craft and art supplies, make up, or toys for little ones.

choose a complimentary lining to map your pouch unique

Kick Back and Relax with a Color Map Pillow

A cuddly (and useful) color map pillow made with a Spoonflower color map
Designs shown: Where Bees Fly by Chicca_Besso
Beautiful, colorful, functional-a color map pillow!
Looking for some comfy, eye-catching and functional couch decor? Toss one of these color map throw pillows on your sofa to immediately liven up your living room.

Have you been known to use our color map in unconventional ways? Snap a photo and tag us on Instagram so we can see and share!