– Start out by pre-washing and drying your fabric according to the Spoonflower care instructions. Then trim off the white selvage edges.

Fold each edge of your fabric in to meet in the middle

– Lay fabric face up. Fold each edge in a quarter- so you have two useable folded edges.

Tracing around a well-loved tank top

– Fold your tank top in half and lay it along one of the folded edges. Trace around your tank top with your fabric marker and be sure to leave enough room for a ½” seam allowance!

Tracing the back of your tank top

– Do the same step for the back of your tank with the other foldable edge of your modern jersey. 

Cutting out pattern pieces and display

– Cut out the front and back pieces in your Modern Jersey, They should look like this.

Serging neckline of tank top

– Sew ONE shoulder seam together, then serge over the same shoulder seam.  Serge the raw edge of the neckline and the completed arm hole

topstitching neckline

– Now we’re going to top stitch over the raw edges we just serged. Fold the serged edge of the neckline towards the unprinted side of the fabric, and then top stitch along the edge. Do the same with the arm hole.

topstitching display - one side completed!

– Your tank top should now look like this, with one side of the neck and armhole completed. Sew and serge the seam of the second shoulder, then repeat the process of sewing, serging, and topstitching to finish the second armhole.

Serging the side seam of the table

-Next up, the side seams. Pin in place, Sew ONE side seam, and then serge to finish.

– Now we’re going to get a little crazy and finish the bottom edge BEFORE we finish the second side seam. Just trust me, it’s going to look awesome 🙂 Serge the bottom edge of your tank top.

Hemming the bottom of the tank top. Almost finished!

Fold the serged edge towards the wrong side of the fabric about ½”. Pin every few inches to keep in place.

Top stitching the bottom hem

Then top stitch with a 1/2″  seam allowance to hem the bottom edge.

To finish up, were going to stitch and serge the second side seam

-Finally, we’re going to sew and serge the second side seam.

And that’s it. Put on and admire your awesome new tank top! You now know the infinitely useful skill of custom tank top making. All of your friends will be very jealous now, so be nice and put your new skill to good use by making them presents. Leave your questions and comments below. Happy making!

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