We’re so excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Skillshare, an online learning community for creatives, to bring you a new class on pattern design! Taught by designer, patternmaker and Spoonflower community favorite Samarra Khaja aka SammyK (creator of the adorable Hungry Monster Laundry Bags and so much more), this class is great for pattern makers and artists who want to explore their style and theme further- or just create a set of souvenirs representing their city!

Spoonflower + Skillshare with SammyK

Join Samarra as she walks you through her process of creating a souvenir set for New York City using a consistent motif to create a repeating pattern. Then, using Spoonflower, she’ll print out the design and turn it into a tote bag and a pillow that support the motif. We’ve taken the course, and can confidently say that it’s sure to get your creativity flowing and inspire you to make things that are fun and functional.

We can’t speak highly enough about this course, Samarra, or how excited we are to partner with Skillshare. So click the link below to get started and get your first three months of Skillshare Premium for FREE to access this class and 14,000 others:

Skillshare: Enroll Now

Spoonflower and SammyK Partner with Skillshare