12 Questions for Printer Operator Gina J

FEB 1, 2017 updated Apr 26, 2021

Gina is a printer operator here at Spoonflower known around the office for her clever innovations in the print room, love of Harry Potter, and fondness for dogs and tacos. You may have even seen her signature on one of your Spoonflower pack slips. Get to know the gal behind your printed fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap! 

Gina lounging in the waste-fabric semi truck
Spoonflower employees can often be found hanging out in the semi truck behind Spoonflower where the “waste” fabric is kept before it’s driven away to be recycled!

The first thing I want you to know about me is:

I care so much about pretty much everything. The only things in life I’m lukewarm about are vegetables (except kale, kale is the worst), sports that are not football or basketball (love one, hate the other, you decide which is which), and ACDC.

My secret talent is:

Sensing when one of the printers is doing a weird thing, or something else needs my attention, like the end of a fabric core. I’m kind of concerned I’m slowly becoming part machine, but it’s probably fine, right?

Gina sitting inside a yellow waste fabric container
You could say Gina has a habit of hanging out in waste fabric containers! 

The very first thing I do in the morning is:

Check work emails. They determine how much coffee I need to make.

The last book I read is:

Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places by Colin Dickey.

I take my coffee:

Warm with milk in the winter, cold brewed and black in the summer, and as strong as humanly possible.

I’m really proud of:

How far I’ve come as a sewist in my two years at Spoonflower. On day one at this job, I couldn’t tell you anything about a sewing machine or even tell a knit from a woven. Now I’m comfortable making so many things with our fabric!

Gina sporting a Kielo Wrap dress from Sprout Patterns in an ikat design.

I loooooooove: MY SECOND SHIFT PRINT TEAM. Seriously, I work with the best humans ever and no matter what craziness is going on, they alway have my back… and are always willing to go on a fast food run with me when necessary.

The podcast I never miss an episode of is:

99% Invisible. Seriously, so good. Learn all the things about all the things.

My favorite Spoonflower designer is:

Holli Zollinger. No matter how much I try to branch out, I find myself coming back to her geometric and floral designs again and again. Also, natelledrawsstuff (Natelle Quek). Her cats are so adorable, and she is just the sweetest human being ever.

My favorite type of fabric is:

To print: Linen Cotton Canvas, so lovely and easygoing and I enjoy watching all the cool tea towels go by! To wear: Modern Jersey. It’s vibrant and comfy!

My favorite design in the Marketplace is:

My favorite changes pretty much weekly as I come across things in the print room – my latest obsession is Talking Garden: Dark Thoughts by beeskneesindustries. Its so weird and so pretty at the same time.

Talking Garden Dark Thoughts by Beesknees Industries
Talking Garden Dark Thoughts by Beesknees Industries

Ready to meet more Spoonies? 

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