12 questions for Holly Anderson-Earls, Senior Director of Operations

FEB 22, 2017 updated Apr 26, 2021

Holly has been with Spoonflower longer than most of us (read her original interview from 2011 here) starting out as a printer operator and (after beating record after record for print speed and quality!) moved all the way up to overseeing the Operations department. She’s a proud, self-proclaimed “factory girl” and there’s not a soul out there who’d be better at the job than her. Holly is also an exceptional gift giver — many of us recall the years that Holly knitted hats for everyone on her team for the holidays, and the year she stitched zipper pouches for every single person at Spoonflower. She’s also responsible for the community garden out front at the Durham Spoonflower offices. Get to know our favorite garden-loving factory girl below!

woman standing in a garden

woman standing in a garden among flowers

The first thing I want you to know about me is: I love to garden.  Every summer I swear I’ll never grow a garden again because it’s so much work, but then the next time spring comes around I’ve got heart-eyes for all of the plants again.  So far this year I’ve already got my cool-weather vegetables planted, and I’m planning all of the new vegetables and flowers I’m going to grow both at home (prickly pear cactus!) and in the garden at Spoonflower (begonias).  

My secret talent is my Scrabble prowess.  I like to read the dictionary for fun, so that helps.

The very first thing I do in the morning is listen to my dog, Happy, wake up and flap his ears.  His ears are so loud!  Then he comes and stares at me until I get out of bed and take him outside.  He stares at me until I’m done checking on the garden and then we race each other back inside and get breakfast.  Cheerios for me, dog food for him.  Here is a picture of Happy, looking grumpy because I’m delaying his breakfast:

Happy the Pitbull

The last book I read was The Art of Rivalry, by Sebastian Smee, which is a very interesting study of some (mostly) friendly competition between artists in modern history, such as Degas and Manet.

The last song I listened to was Whiskey in the Jar by Thin Lizzy.

You’ll never hear me say that I’m sick of my job.  I love working at Spoonflower and I love making sure your orders get out the door!  If I could, I would have an apartment above Spoonflower, and come downstairs in the middle of the night and ship orders in my pajamas, and make sample packs while watching TV. I know, I’m crazy.

I loooooove the North Carolina State Fair.  I count down the days until it comes back.  My favorite things about it are the muscadine grape slushies, the hushpuppies, and the angst-filled high-school artwork.  

I’m really proud of the time I moved to New York City and earned a master’s degree at Sotheby’s Institute!  

The podcast I never miss an episode of is StoryCorps.  This is why I really only read nonfiction — real people’s lives are so much more compelling than fiction.

My favorite Spoonflower designer is ottomanbrim!  Her patterns and block-print aesthetic are so appealing to me, like this one.

Tulip design
Tulip Garden by Ottomanbrim

My favorite type of fabric is... all of the types.  How can you have a favorite?  But I think I’ve made the most dresses out of the organic cotton knit.

Holly is also an accomplished sewist and dressmaker. She used Large Scale Geo Bloom by Twobirdstone to make this lovely dress

My favorite designs in the Marketplace are so many!  Here are a few recent favorites: Native Geometric Pattern Yellow by Irrimiri, Strawberry Garden by Andrea Lauren, and Garden Bears by Bethan Janine

Native Geometric Pattern Yellow by Irrimiri
Garden Bears by Bethan Janine

See more of Holly’s favorite designs here.

Ready to meet more of the friendly faces responsible for creating your custom fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap?

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  • What an interesting interview and loved all the pictures of Holly and especially the bright colours! Thanks for the book tip too (The Art of Rivalry), I\’m going to chase that one up. Thank you for sharing some of your life – and wardrobe – with us! 🙂