12 Days of Design: Day 8 Upload Your Design

JAN 8, 2017

Your design should now be finalized and ready to upload. Not ready yet? That’s okay — you can catch up with us here. Uploading images to Spoonflower is super simple! Once a file is uploaded to our site, you will find several ways to continue tweaking your design. Today we’ll focus on walking step by step through the upload process, highlighting our handy design tools and features along the way.

We created the design above using free high-res Photoshop brushes we downloaded from Brusheezy. The file was saved out of Photoshop as a JPG, 150 DPI, 720 x 600 pixels. The only thing you’ll need to follow along is a digital file that meets the Spoonflower image requirements. Got one? Great, just log into your Spoonflower account (or create one here if you do not already have an account), and let’s upload our designs! Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload: Once you log into your Spoonflower account, click on “Design” and then “upload” in the top navigation bar. This will take you to the image upload page.

      2. Select Your File: Click on the “Choose File” button, locate and select your file

      3. Confirm Copyright: Verify that you have the right to use the image you have selected and agree to our copyright terms of service.

       4. Upload Your File: Just click the “Upload File” button, and you’re design will be saved into your design library.

On to the fun parts! Once your file uploads, you can make changes to it such as changing the color with the color changing tool (we’ll go over that in more detail on another day), tweak it with PicMonkey, or change the substrate, repeat options and the size.

Editing in Picmonkey

 PicMonkey is a free and easy online tool that is available to edit or create designs smaller than 21″ x 18″ at 150 dpi. There are free clip art graphics, stamps, fonts and filters that you can use to create or enhance your work. When you click on this link, you will be taken to PicMonkey’s online interface.  Let’s go over how to add simple text to your design:

Begin by selecting the text tool from the left hand menu. Select the font you wish to use from the variety of options you see appear. Once you pick the one you want, click “add text” at the top of the font menu. A text box will appear on top of your design. Start typing inside the box.

At this point, you can edit your text using a variety of effects and options. Change the size, color, opacity, or go back and change to a different font if you aren’t happy with what you chose. To change the font, simply highlight the text and click on another font to change it. By clicking on the border of the text box you can also move it around the design to reposition it. Once you’re finished editing, just click on the save button in the upper left.

You will then be taken back to your design library in Spoonflower, and you’ll notice your design title should now have an “ed” at the end. This just means it’s an edited version of the original.

Now pat yourself on the back–you have a new design in your Spoonflower account! Keep in mind that once you save your design you will not be able to go back and make changes to your Picmonkey additions. You can add things to your design in Picmonkey again, but you won’t be able to go back and change the scale of the text or the color / font for example. Feel free to upload the same design to your Spoonflower library again and play around with totally different changes / additions in Picmonkey. There’s so much you can do in this program, you can easily spend an afternoon just playing with filters and effects!

We’re really getting into the fine tuning of your design now — tomorrow we’ll be going over the various repeat options available to you inside of Spoonflower. See you then!

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  • The picmonkey tool seems very helpful. I like to print photos on fabric in spoonflower, make them into an oval and then place text around the edge of the oval. I see how to get the oval shape with the overlay button but I don’t see how to write the text around that oval. Can you provide some guidance on that?