In this edition of our Meet the Artist series, we meet Mary Zabaikina (adehoidar), a designer and maker from northern Russia. Visit her Spoonflower shop and read on to learn how her upbringing influenced her creative life.
Meet the designer adehoidar

Where do you currently live?
I live in a small and old city of Arkhangelsk in the North of Russia. Here we have very beautiful winters with trees and rooftops covered with snow and soft warm summers with “white nights.”
Designer Mary Zabaikina's studio
My day starts with….
a lazy breakfast with my boyfriend and our two cats, and then I start working with sketches.
Designer Mary Zabaikina
I fell in love with design…
when I was little. My mother is a folk art artist and she always encouraged my aspiration for painting. She constantly shared her paints and brushes with me, while I loved sitting beside her and looking how she worked.
Designs by Mary Zabaikina (adehoidar)
Designs by Mary Zabaikina (adehoidar)
What do you have in your toolbox?
I always have a lot of sharpened pencils (I’m a Koh-I-Noor lover since I was a student), thin liners and brush pens. I also use Apple iMac and HP printer/scanner. Moreover, I prefer working in Xara Designer Pro a vector graphics editor. I really love it for it’s intuitive interface and simplicity, so I keep constantly using it since 2008.
Design by Mary Zabaikina (adehoidar)
When I am in my studio…
I feel many opportunities. Nowadays technologies and Internet help us learn something new every day and apply our best skills in numerous fields. You can become a stock artist, or a fabric prints maker, or you can open your own shop on Etsy and sell you prints or come up with something new.
Design by Mary Zabaikina (adehoidar)
I’m inspired by….
traveling and I find inspiration in architecture, flea markets, bookshops, museums, etc.
Design by Mary Zabaikina (adehoidar)
My favorite small business shops include…
Actually, my boyfriend and I have our own small business shop on Etsy where we produce leather craft goods and we are going to create a new line of home products in the coming year.
Design by Mary Zabaikina
If I could live in a painting, I would live in…
“Girl with Peaches” by Valentin Serov. I like calm and cozy atmosphere in this painting, it reminds me of my childhood, a warm summer day in my great-grandmother’s house, old wooden chairs, fresh fruit on the table.
painting of a woman at a table with peaches wearing a pink blouse
“Girl with Peaches” by Valentin Serov
If I could only wear one fabric…
I would wear deep blue denim with a small red sailing ship on it.
My favorite Spoonflower fabric to work with is…
Linen Cotton Canvas.
Design by Mary Zabaikina
I’d love to see one of my designs turned into…
a summer retro style dress with a full skirt.
Design by Mary Zabaikina
Design by Mary Zabaikina
The secret to a strong collection is…
to do what you love and love what you do.

Mary Zabaikina aka adehoidar

You can visit Mary’s Spoonflower shop and view her entire collection of hand drawn designs.
Thank you, Mary! Happy designing!