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design by solvejg

Many artists are inspired by their surroundings, and for designer and maker Solvejg Makaretz , that space is Yarmouth on the coast of Maine. Solvejg’s designs channel both natural elements of the coast and cultural elements of her Scandinavian upbringing in her company Tröskö Design, featuring handmade home goods. Get to know this Martha Stewart American Made finalist in our interview below and visit her shop online and on Etsy.

My day starts with: “walking our dog in the woods. This gives me time to follow the small changes of the season up close. After breakfast my days are a wild mix of cutting, sewing, drawing, cooking, ordering, shipping, photographing, doing chores and having at least two cups of strong coffee to go with it.”

Zippie bag in red; lady sewing Trosko labels onto product
Zippie bag available at Tröskö Design

I fell in love with making things when: “I was very young. At age 4 my grandmother taught me to knit and at age 6 I was eyeing my mother’s sewing machine with envy. Since then I’ve tried a lot of different crafts including lace-making and glass-blowing.”

When I’m in my studio: “I feel full of ideas, and I just wish I had more hours in the day to get them all out.”

Who or what influences or inspires your work and why? “I’m inspired by all the small things in nature and around me. Also children’s books have always been very inspiring to me, and I keep a small library of my favorites.”

Stack of brightly colored Tröskö pillows; image of waterfront in Maine
Pillows available at Tröskö Design

What’s in your toolbox as a creative maker? “​I’m a licensed architect and although that is quite different from what I do now, the approach to designing is very much the same. A lot of research goes into making patterns. Early on, I was taught ‘not to be lazy’ when it comes to revising and starting over if it doesn’t turn out in a way that I’m happy and proud of.”

My proudest accomplishment recently: “is when I was chosen as one of the design finalists for Martha Stewart’s American Made competition. Especially since Spoonflower has been a winner in the past!”

Layers of colorful throw pillows on a couch
Pillows available at Tröskö Design

My go-to outfit is “jeans and sweaters. I like to be dressed sensibly to be able to be messy without worrying about ruining clothes.​”

When I started my own product line: “several people told me that I’d need to outsource. I’m glad that I stuck to the idea of keeping it American made! It just makes so much sense to me.”

Tröskö studio space with fabric and pillows on the wall; Throw Pillow ” Wild Waves” in turquoise
Products available at Tröskö Design

My favorite Spoonflower textile to work with is: Eco Canvas – I just recently started using it and I love how the colors are so vibrant, and it sews up very nicely.”

Trosko logo There’s something quite captivating how Solvejg applies her Scandinavian heritage to classic iconography of life in Maine through her designs. From this throw pillow to an elegant silk scarf featuring the great whales, her products portray Tröskö’s perspective while staying true to her “locally made” ethos. We’re thrilled to help enable Solvejg’s artistic expression through Spoonflower!