The Pantone Color of the Year is Here!

DEC 9, 2016


This year’s Pantone pick is a “yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring.” Photo credit: AP

It may as well be an International Holiday for designers everywhere: The release day of Pantone’s Color of the Year. Always on trend and (perhaps) even ahead of the trend, Pantone has chosen a fresh, spring green as their heralded hue. Love it or hate it, “Greenery” is about to have its day in the sun and you may just start seeing Pantone 15-0343 everywhere. We’ve rounded up our favorite leafy green hued designs from the Spoonflower Marketplace below. Just tap each image to shop the designs on fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap.  Not a huge fan of greenery? Just give it some time, it just might grow on you. 

Leafy green has been popping up in the fashion world for several Spring 2017 lines. Photo credit: The New York Times
Succulent Succulents by emilyannstudio
Cork Polka Chartreuse Mint by Scrummy

Mexico Embroidery: Fern on White by SammyK
Petit Pois by Spellstone
Kiwi by Uramarinka
“Little” Night Owl Green/White by leanne


Moroccan Solid Square in Chartreuse by fridabarlow


verdant collectables by catalinakim
Aztec Armor by Spellstone
Acid yellow tweedy linen weave polka dots on white by Su_G


Regardless of the affect this particular hue may have on our skin tone, we can always get down with the symbolism behind fresh, leafy green, and the promise that we can all start afresh with a healthier attitude in 2017. We’ll “cheers” our green juice and matcha tea to that!

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  • I am a seamstress, quilter, crafter by trade. This is a whole new twist for me. I appreciated your Finding Inspiration program, it really has me thinking. Thank you