Custom Lounge Pants with Sprout Patterns | Video Tutorial

DEC 20, 2016

Custom Pajama Pants with Spoonflower and Sprout Patterns

Designs used: Snowflakes Christmas Holiday Red by Caja_Design and Sleepy Stars || Holiday Red by littlearrowdesign

An important update about Sprout Patterns | Spoonflower Blog

Take a break from decking the halls by decking out your family in holiday loungewear. These comfy bottoms will turn even the the biggest bah-humbug into a Holiday Cheermeister. Whether you’re dressing up for holiday pictures or cuddling up around the tree, PJs are a must. Check out the instructions below–we’re using Sprout Patterns’ Jasper pattern (for the guy in your life), but check out the Lucy pattern for a slimmer, ladies cut, and the Baby Leggings pattern for little ones. You can even get a coat for the dog! Love the look but hate sewing? Check out Sprout’s White Glove service, to get a professional to stitch up your pants for a little bit extra.

If you’re more of a visual learner, click here to watch the video tutorial as Spoonflower team member Tim stitches up a custom pair in no time! 

What you’ll need for the project:

Pattern Includes:

  • Front pant leg (2)
  • Back pant leg (2)
  • Waistband (2)
  • Fly facing

Let the tutorial begin!

SF-PJPants - Buttonhole

If you are using a drawstring, you will stitch 2 buttonholes (to reinforce your fabric, interfacing at the buttonholes is optional) that are ¼” taller than the width of your twill tape on your front waistband piece. To determine the location of the buttonholes, measure ¾” up from the bottom edge at each of the two notches on the front waistband piece. These will be the openings where the drawstring comes out and ties. IF YOU ARE USING ELASTIC, DO NOT STITCH BUTTON HOLES INTO THE WAISTBAND.

SF-PJPants - Edge Finish the Seams

Edge finish the side seams, waistband, top, inseam, and crotch on all pieces using a serger or a zigzag stitch. Only edge finish the fly on the LEFT pant leg, leaving the fly on the RIGHT pant leg unfinished. Do not edge finish the leg hem.

SF-PjPants - Snipping the Seam Allowance

On the LEFT FRONT pant leg, snip the ½” seam allowance at the bottom of the fly.

SF-PjPants - Stitching the fly facing

Fold the fly on the LEFT pant leg over at the crotch so that the wrong sides are together and stitch down using ¼” seam allowance along the curve of the fly.

Stitching the PJ Pants Fly Facing

Stitch the fly facing to the fly on the RIGHT pant leg using a ¼” seam allowance. Clip along the curve in the seam allowance of the fly facing up to the stitch line. This allows the seam to lie flat. Snip the ½” seam allowance at the bottom of the fly. Turn the fly right side out and press.

Pinning right sides of the fabric together

Topstitch down along the straight edge of your right pant leg and fly facing. Then, place the front leg and back leg together so that right sides are together and pin. Stitch the inseams and side seams of both legs and press the seams open.

Place one leg inside of the other, inside out.

Turn one of the pant legs inside out. Insert the right side out pant leg into the inside out pant leg so that right sides are together.

Matching sides of the PJ pants and pinning together

Match up the center back waist, side seam, inseam, and fly and pin in place. Stitch the crotch seam from the bottom of the fly all the way around to the center back waist. Match up the center front from the top of the fly to the top edge and pin in place. Stitch and press seams open.

Stitching the PJ Pants fly together

Line up the left and right fly so that the side with the fly facing (RIGHT side) laps behind the left side and the two sides meet up at center front. Stitch across the fly 1” above the bottom of the fly. At the seam, pivot your fabric 900 while the needle is down, and sew straight down to meet the stitch at the bottom of the fly.

PJ Pants Waistband - construction

Elastic Waistband: Stitch the front and back waistband pieces, right sides together, at the side seams. Fold the waistband so that the wrong sides are together and press. Unfold.

Attaching Waistband, pinning in place

Fold the waistband in half. Pin the waistband and pants right sides together, aligning the lower edges of the waistband with the top edge of the pants. Make sure the buttonholes are facing the front center of your pants. Stitch the waistband to the pants.

Inserting drawstring into Jasper PJ Pants

Drawstring: Poke a safety pin through one side of you twill tape, and insert the pin into one of your drawstring holes. Alternate scrunching the fabric up and pulling it the pin along. Pull the tape through the other hole, unhook the pin, and hem the pants to the desired length. Congrats, you’re done!



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  • These are awesome! I’m confused though…do I have to buy a $55 pair of custom made Lucy pants to get the pattern?! And if I read correctly, it’s not a PDF pattern? Forgive me, I’m .new to this type of DIY sales. Thanks so much! 🙂

    • Hey Donna, the Lucy PJs from Sprout Patterns (link here: ) do start at $59.00. Sprout offers a unique service that custom prints Spoonflower designs (upload your own or shop the vast marketplace) directly onto fabric within the pattern pieces, so all you have to do is cut them out and start sewing. Your purchase will come with the original PDF pattern as well as the fabric yardage printed with your cut-and-sew pattern template.

      • Thank you for the info. While I appreciate the art and time of creating the fabric and pants, this is more than I’m willing to spend.