Introducing the 12 Days of Design

DEC 30, 2016

So you’re creative. You like to doodle, draw, paint, print, or photograph. Maybe your New Year’s resolution is to finally take your art and learn how to turn it into surface prints that sell.  If this description sounds eerily like you, then come spend the next 12 days with us learning how to take the glimmer of an idea to a finished fabric design. We’ll go through how to take the first steps of finding inspiration, sketch initial ideas and choose a color palette, all the way through to how to market yourself and properly tag your designs so they show up easily in search engines. Join us for 12 Days of Design! 

WHAT? We’re kicking off 2017 with 12 days devoted to learning how to create a textile design from start to finish. Challenge yourself to get inspired and get serious about turning your art into marketable surface designs. We will walk you through each step in creating a design ready to upload to Spoonflower and sell in the marketplace. Follow along as we provide daily tips on finding inspiration, creating a design element, working in Spoonflower and marketing yourself.

HOW? The best part is that all you have to do is check your inbox each day. Sign up to receive each day’s step via email starting January 1, 2017, to guide you through the fabric design process.  If you’d like, snap a photo of your progress and use the #12DaysofDesign hashtag each day to share your process. You can use this hashtag on your social media outlet of choice. We’ll be re-sharing our favorite posts throughout the series.

So tell us, will you accept the challenge and get started designing surface patterns that sell?

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