Looking for a fun advent calendar to make and use for years to come? Our super creative friend Anda Corrie of Berlin visits the blog to share a simple cut-and-sew advent calendar she created that fits on one yard of fabric. Read on for the full how to!

finished advent calendar

Anda: Like me, do you usually wait until it’s way too late to create the Pinterest-worthy advent calendar of your dreams and end up stuck with a printed paper box from Kaiser’s? Make this pocket-style hanging calendar easily in one afternoon instead—and use again year after year!


Recommended fabric: linen-cotton canvas or Kona cotton, but any woven fabric type will work.

In addition to a yard of fabric printed with our advent calendar template, you will also need:

  • two 70cm (27.5 in) long 10mm wooden dowels
  • baker’s twine or lightweight string for hanging
  • an iron
  • a sewing machine


  • Cut out all 24 squares and one 60 x 91 rectangle of solid fabric
  • Fold over all sides of large rectangle 1cm and press.
  • On left and right sides, fold 1cm again, press and hem with a straight stitch.
  • To create casings on top and bottom sides: fold over 5cm, press and straight stitch 4.5 cm from edges. Set aside.

To create pockets:

  • Fold over 1cm on top of each square, press and hem with a straight stitch.

Fold over 1cm on top of each square, press

hem across the top
hem across the top
  • Fold remaining 3 sides of each rectangle 1cm and press.


  • Arrange pocket squares on larger fabric in 6 rows of 4, evenly spaced. A ruler might help here or you can eyeball it. Pin down or (my preferred method) secure with tape.


  • Straight stitch around sides and bottom of each pocket.


  • Slide wooden dowels into casings and tie a string to each end of the top dowel.


  • Fill with treats and hang!


Do you always incorporate an advent calendar into your holiday decorations? If so, do you tend to go with a store bought calendar or make your own? Share in the comments below or by tagging #Spoonflower on your social media platform of choice!