love is love napkin
We showed our support for Pulse this past July with our “Love is Love” DIY napkins. All proceeds from napkin sales was donated to “The Center” in Orlando to benefit survivors, their families, and the LGBTQ community.

Over the years, we’ve learned so many things about our creative community but one thing that has really stood out is the way this community comes together in the wake of tragedy. After the Boston Marathon bombings, the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild organized To Boston With Love, an installation of peace and love flags to be displayed at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. After the Nepal earthquake in 2015, Spoonflower employees got together and created Blankets for Good, a quarterly employee sew-in supporting those in need.

Quilts for Pulse donation
Quilter @gretchelina shows off her finished #quiltsforpulse donation!

After the tragic Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting in June, our creative community inspired us again with #quiltsforpulse, which were recently delivered to victims in Orlando.  Alissa Lapinksy, president of the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild knew there was a way to show love for her community so deeply impacted by the shooting:

Alissa : “My idea was heart quilts in bright, rainbow colors to represent everyone affected, and represent the love we are sending them. As a quilt community we all love to give and love to help others, and a quilt drive was my immediate thought. Survivors need to know they are loved and how better to accomplish that than by literally covering them in a quilt covered in hearts, and made with love?!”

Quilts for Pulse donations
The president of the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild and organizer of #quiltsforpulse, Alissa, proudly displays a collection of donated quilts!

Inspired by the efforts of the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild, quilt guilds all over the country have come together to host #quiltsforpulse sew-ins. On July 7th, the OMQG had received 67 finished quilts, 24 quilt tops, and over 900 blocks! The number has continued to climb over the month! The video of them being delivered in Orlando is heartwarming.

Custom quilt labels were donated by the StoryPatches team
Custom quilt labels for #quiltsforpulse were donated by the StoryPatches team

Quilt guilds weren’t the only ones asking how they could give back. Mike Newman, president of StoryPatches, knew there was a way he could support all of the quilters crafting for a cause.

“Every quilt tells a story, and we felt like it was a privilege to enable the supporters of #quiltsforpulse to share their stories of love and support through our labels.” With the help of the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild, Mike designed a custom label for all #quiltsforpulse quilts. He has already donated over 300 labels and the number keeps growing! “I just ordered another 7 yards of labels for them this morning – they should be really proud!”

Custom Spoonflower quilt squares for #quiltsforpulse
Spoonflower received over 50 donated quilt squares from employees and local community members.

      Custom Spoonflower quilt squares for #quiltsforpulse        Custom Spoonflower quilt squares for #quiltsforpulse

Here at Spoonflower, we spent our free time hand embroidering digitally printed heart inspired quilt squares, soon to be transformed into a quilt. From Spoonflower employees to local community members, you once again showed us how great this creative community is!

Pins & Needles regular, Adele, works on finishing her #Quiltsforpulse quilt square.
Pins & Needles regular, Adele, works on finishing her #quiltsforpulse quilt square.

Inspired to make a quilt for local Orlando community members? It’s not too late to donate to #quiltsforpulse! Click here for more details.