12 Questions for Customer Advocate Jessica G

NOV 23, 2016

Jessica G started out in the Operations department when she first joined the Spoonflower family, was promoted to supervisor, then hopped over to the customer service team about a year ago, where she does an amazing job of making our customers happy and well taken care of! Jessica was kind enough to answer our 12 questions so that the community could get to know her a bit. 

The first thing I want you to know about me is:  I’m a new(ish) foster mom to two toddlers and my kids have taken over almost every aspect of my life.  I find myself saying the weirdest mom-isms almost every day.  Most recently “Stop licking the cat!” and “Don’t put that meatball in your armpit!”  I live a glamorous life.

My secret talent is:  I don’t believe in secret talents.  If you have a talent, embrace it and tell the world!  Something not a lot of people know about me, however, is that I’m the worship leader at my church.  I play electric, acoustic, or bass guitar, with varying degrees of success, each week.

The very first thing I do in the morning is:  Listen to my kids talk (let’s be real, shout) at each other over the baby monitor.

The last book I read is:  Dragons Love Tacos.  Dragons + tacos = winning. Dragons + spicy salsa = bad.

How did you meet your significant other:  We met when we were 16 years old, in our high school P.E. class.  I’m not a hopeless romantic, but after 12 years, I’d say things worked out pretty well.  It was really interesting to be able to grow into an adult with him (although some days I still question if we’re really adults) and see him become such a wonderful human.

I take my coffee:  I don’t!  Black tea and herbal tea for me!  I keep Spoonflower well stocked in Red Rose, specifically.  Those porcelain figurines hang out on my bookshelf at home. 😉

I loooooove:   I love gardening (NC native carnivorous plants are my favorite) and I could spend all day everyday from March through November in my garden or outside.  One day, my husband and I are hoping to buy a house with a little more yard space so that I can grow massive vegetable and fruit gardens (and can and jar all the things — another love).  I’m a Chicago native, so these hot North Carolina summers and long growing seasons are heavenly.

I’m really proud of: My customer service teammates.  They are so supportive and are constantly making me laugh.  I couldn’t ask for a better department to be a part of!  

The podcast I never miss an episode of is:  I love the StoryCorps podcast from NPR.  I love the real stories and the reminder that every single person is unique and valued and has their own important story no matter where they came from or what they believe in.

Donut Cats by Karmakazi

My favorite Spoonflower designer is: karmakazi — Those cat designs make me so happy.  

My favorite type of fabric is: It’s a tie between Cotton Spandex Jersey and Modern Jersey.  I love the stretch and versatility of these knits!  I love the thickness and structure of CSJ and the softness and drape of Modern Jersey.  I could live in these two fabrics.

Dinoflorus by elodie-lauret
Art Nouveau Venus Fly Trap Red by by walsh|studio

My favorite design in the Marketplace is: How can you pick just one?  How about my top 5: rocknroll by passeradesign, dinoflorus by elodie-lauret, peonies grey day by cynthiafrenette, adventure toile pop by pattern_state, and Art Nouveau, Venus fly trap – red by walsh|studio.

See all of Jessica’s favorite designs here, and meet more Spoonies!

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  • Hey Jessica! If you like those doughnut cats you should check out this Instagram @vickiee_yo she makes edible ones! And so many more cute edible things that will put a smile on your dial!