When you think of pizza, what comes to mind? Gooey cheese? Endless amounts of toppings?…Spoonflower wallpaper?

When local pizza trailer ( yes, that’s a thing in Durham!) Pie Pushers began planning the opening of their first store-front location in downtown Durham, they reached out to Spoonflower with a unique custom printing idea. While we knew this partnership would be the perfect blend of design, community support, and lots of creativity, we were mostly focused on one thing…pizza.

With the help of Spoonflower’s smooth wallpaper, learn how owner’s Mike Hacker and Becky Cascio transformed the two shop restrooms from blah to pi-zza!

The Pie Pushers' logo inspired the all-over wallpaper repeat

The Pie Pushers’ logo inspired the all-over wallpaper repeat

Becky : For someone who isn’t very crafty, Spoonflower has always been a company I’ve heard a lot about – and from a distance, longed to need fabric or wallpaper.  I know a few folks that have worked there – designing, sewing, marketing and promoting.  But it was not until we chose to open a space that I knew I’d have the chance to have some fun with color — and reach out to Spoonflower!  As soon as I began to inquire throughout the Durham community, I realized how many folks not only have worked there, but also had worked with Spoonflower in the past.  Our food truck had been set up outside of their office once in a great while, but that was before we began to dream of pizza wallpaper.


Becky : Being able to embrace the design talent of close friends of ours, Endless Endless, we began the search for a bathroom design that was both “us” and pizza.  And it turns out, Spoonflower can print anything!  Supporting local businesses within our community is also something Pie Pushers has always loved being able to do.  Partnering alongside Spoonflower and their imaginative and printing genius – we had officially started a working relationship I only used to daydream about.

With the help of a local wallpaper installer, a pizza themed bathroom quickly becomes a reality
Pie Pushers owner’s Becky and Mike spent many nights dreaming of pizza wallpaper

Becky : It will only be a matter of time before our ideas become realities!  What else can we wallpaper?!  And we probably need custom bandanas, right?


Planning to come by the Spoonflower factory for a tour of Spoonflower? Why not make it a day in Durham and stop by Pie Pushers to snap a photo in the pizza palace!