Winners! Home Is Where the Heart Is

OCT 20, 2016
“House and Foxes Tea Towel” by Jill_O_Connor is the winner of our Home Is Where the Heart Is design challenge
“House and Foxes Tea Towel” by Jill_O_Connor shown on a Linen Cotton Orpington Tea Towel from Roostery

Big congrats to Jill O’ Connor, the grand prize winner of our “Home is Where the Heart Is” tea towel challenge! Jill will receive $469 in Spoonflower credit. The rest of the top ten winners will receive one custom Orpington tea towel in their own winning design from Roostery ($17 value). Designs voted into the top 11-25 will be automatically be proofed and made available for sale in the Spoonflower Marketplace ($5 value). See all of the top 25 winners here, and then go vote for next week’s design challenge, 2017 Tea Towel Calendars

1. 224 votes for House and Foxes Tea Towel by jill_o_connor
2. 195 votes for Home is Where the Heart is by cynthiafrenette
3. 187 votes for home-heart by gaiamarfurt
4. 144 votes for Welcome Home Love by vo_aka_virginiao
5. 141 votes for Never Mind How Far I Roam by gypsymothdesign
6. 137 votes for Home is where the purrs are! by amel24
7. 136 votes for The Heart of Home (Tea Towel) by brendazapotosky
8. 129 votes for ‘Home is where my heart is’ Tea Towel by nouveau_bohemian
9. 124 votes for Home is where the heart is by cjldesigns
10. 121 votes for cats at home 2017 tea towel calendar by ottomanbrim
11. 119 votes for kitchen made with love tea towel by heleen_vd_thillart
12. 111 votes for Home is where my cat is. by ruth_robson
13. 106 votes for love and stuff tea towel by scrummy
14. 105 votes for heartsinhomes by joslynndowd
15. 104 votes for Tree Houses by ceciliamok
16. 101 votes for Home is where the heart is by rachelmacdonald
17. 94 votes for Home is where the Heart is – © Lucinda Wei by lucindawei
18. 90 votes for Gather Tea Towel by jacquelinehurd
19. 84 votes for Summertime by sobakapavlova
20. 84 votes for Home Sweet Home by mariden
21. 83 votes for Happy House Tea Towel by elephantandrose
22. 81 votes for Home Sweet Home – Tea Towel by jillbyers
23. 79 votes for Home tea towel 2017 calendar by laurawrightstudio
24. 78 votes for The Wonder of Home by julia_diane
25. 77 votes for victorianhousewhite by monicarose
26. 76 votes for Heart Houses by boris_thumbkin
27. 76 votes for Home is where the dog is! by alinepellegrini
28. 74 votes for Happy Homes by emilycromwell
29. 74 votes for Home is where your Heart hangs by cbronsky
30. 71 votes for Introvert’s Dream by bledsoelm
31. 68 votes for Home is in the Kitchen by designs_by_lisa_k
32. 66 votes for Hanging Greenhouse by mysisteraudrey
33. 65 votes for Home city by kostolom3000
34. 63 votes for Tea with Nan by abbieuproot
35. 62 votes for baking bread by karinka
36. 62 votes for Houses by heleenvanbuul
37. 58 votes for Retro Home/ kitchen/ vintage coffee/ kitchen shelf by magentarosedesigns
38. 57 votes for To every bird, it’s own nest is beautiful by cynthialove
39. 56 votes for дом Sweet дом (Tea Towels set) by vannina
40. 56 votes for The Heart Of Home ❤ by irishvikingdesigns
41. 56 votes for Gnome Sweet Gnome by robyriker
42. 53 votes for Lovely Chair Tea Towel by jenimp
43. 53 votes for ball jar bouquet by studiojenny
44. 52 votes for Blueprint to Love by graceful
45. 50 votes for Home is where the Dog is by vieiragirl
46. 49 votes for Home is where the heart is by mypetalpress
47. 49 votes for Welcoming Front Porch by radianthomestudio
48. 47 votes for Large Watercolor Cats by lauragallantart
49. 47 votes for Home is Where the Heart is Tea Towel by sweetingenuity
50. 47 votes for Bake a pie on teal (s) by space_tempo_design
51. 46 votes for baby, it’s cold outside by lisahilda
52. 45 votes for Home Is Where the Couch Is by susan_polston
53. 44 votes for kitchenbig by olivia_gibbs
54. 44 votes for love in every room by mongiesama
55. 43 votes for 1 by branka
56. 43 votes for Home is Where the Art is (poster) by seesawboomerang
57. 43 votes for Our Family by krussimages
58. 42 votes for Purr Brothers Tea Towel H by kadyson
59. 40 votes for my garden salad. by erigony
60. 40 votes for Home…It’s A Feeling Tea Towel* by pennycandy
61. 40 votes for home means placemat by zapi
62. 39 votes for Home is where the heart is by gnoppoletta
63. 39 votes for Evanston Bungalows by van_winkle
64. 39 votes for sweet houses by pinkfez
65. 38 votes for Watercolor Lemons Pattern by helga_wigandt
66. 38 votes for Under_the_Magnolia_Tree by j9design
67. 37 votes for Grandma’s House by pamelachi
68. 36 votes for comfort and joy by lfntextiles
69. 36 votes for Oma’s Kitchen by kathrinlegg
70. 35 votes for Home is Where the Heart Is Tea Towel by mag-o
71. 35 votes for home is where my cats are by laura_may
72. 35 votes for HomeWhereHeartIs-H by aprilone
73. 34 votes for Sea Home of the Hipster Mer-Couple by amy_g
74. 34 votes for Love for homes by axelle_design
75. 33 votes for Tea Towel Bunny Rabbit by mariafaithgarcia
76. 33 votes for Daybreak by jenniferlabre
77. 32 votes for Irish Blessing Tea Towel by teaspoonart
78. 32 votes for Open door policy by abstracthands
79. 31 votes for A Most Victorian Heart and Home by edsel2084
80. 31 votes for home_is_where_your_heart_is by bruxamagica
81. 31 votes for Home is Where Aunt Bessie is by orangefancy
82. 30 votes for Recipe for a Happy Home Tea Towel by pharmgirlkat
83. 30 votes for Matryoshka Dolls by beebumble
84. 29 votes for Plants & Cans by Veronique de Jong by veroniquedejong
85. 29 votes for Home is where the heart is by booboo_collective
86. 29 votes for Home IS Where the Heart Is by anniedeb
87. 29 votes for Heart_Is_ by coconut_forest
88. 29 votes for Wherever You are by pixabo
89. 28 votes for Home is where the heart is by foxart
90. 28 votes for RejoiceTowel by blairfully_made
91. 28 votes for Autumnbirds_RoseWright by rosewright
92. 28 votes for Wild and Free by dearchickie
93. 28 votes for Family Drives Me Crazy and Keeps Me Sane Tea Towel by stellarandstark
94. 27 votes for Home_is_where_the_heart_is_tea_towel by danidesign
95. 27 votes for Fabric_heart by createspeace
96. 27 votes for Winnie_8x10 by jdenton2
97. 27 votes for Home_Heart_Tea_Towel_Spoonflower by della_vita
98. 26 votes for Home is wherever I’m with you by krystalsavage
99. 26 votes for Home is where the TT is by dragonfairy
100. 26 votes for Home-is-where-you-park-it_ff3366_smudged by kfrogb
101. 26 votes for Heart of our home tea towel by mulo_marrone
102. 25 votes for Home is where the Kitty is by feixxkatt
103. 24 votes for Watercolor apples by magic_pencil
104. 24 votes for home_is_where_the_heart_is_repeat by daisyhsteele
105. 24 votes for Home is where the heart is towel by lburleighdesigns
106. 24 votes for House stripes for Minoan homes, a tea towel in acid yellows by su_g
107. 23 votes for MalibuCreative_HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs by malibu_creative
108. 23 votes for Home is where the wild things are by gabriellemutel
109. 23 votes for No Place Like Home by abearcub
110. 23 votes for Punch Party by pattyryboltdesigns
111. 22 votes for Home_Is_Where_The_Heart_Is_3 by foxwoodbabyco
112. 22 votes for HOME__IS_WHERE_THE_HEART_IS_2A-01 by soobloo
113. 22 votes for Bookshelves by sweetsequels
114. 22 votes for home-heart-teatowel by allaroundquilter
115. 21 votes for Tea Time by designsbyismatshahid
116. 20 votes for HOME_IS_WHERE_THE_HEART_IS_150DPI by maibam_ricky_devi
117. 20 votes for Home Sweet Home by samantha_maclean
118. 20 votes for A dog’s heart by hannafate
119. 20 votes for Africa Stole My Heart by snidgy’s_designs
120. 20 votes for Home is where dreams are made by lilymorgan
121. 19 votes for Colorful Hearts with Love by minikuosi
122. 19 votes for Home_is_where_the_heart_is_2 by leroyj
123. 19 votes for Fresh_Produce by lana_gordon_rast_
124. 18 votes for HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS by bluevelvet
125. 18 votes for Fall Chicks by accidental_rabbit
126. 18 votes for hearts by rashoya1
127. 18 votes for heartshome by prettyprint
128. 18 votes for petals_of_love_big-01 by erijoyjoy
129. 17 votes for Watercolor hearts by elena_naylor
130. 17 votes for Happy Homes, Happy Hearts by gracelillydesigns
131. 17 votes for August_Garden_Tea_Towel_ by becky_todd
132. 17 votes for 21.3 MILLION by thimblenest
133. 17 votes for Home is where the Heart is ♥ by sherry_savannah
134. 16 votes for Spanish houses by dariara
135. 15 votes for image-ch-ch-ch by elanasigal
136. 15 votes for At Home with Pepa and The Birds! by gargoylesentry
137. 15 votes for Doilies on Teak Veneer by groovycasa
138. 15 votes for motif_maison_d_automne_ by julie_gore
139. 14 votes for Home is where the Heart is by floramoon_designs
140. 14 votes for Techno (2016) (Houses) by artcollect
141. 14 votes for Heart of the Home Essentials by colour_angel
142. 13 votes for terribaileydesign’s letterquilt by terribaileydesign
143. 13 votes for ZakikkiZel_1 by zakikkizel
144. 13 votes for In Love by inniv8z_oz
145. 12 votes for It’s My Kitchen t-towel by flutterbi
146. 12 votes for Home is where the heart is 27×18″ by alexsan
147. 12 votes for Lin (Light Blue) by art_prust’s
148. 12 votes for Sweet Memories Made Here Tea Towel by twix
149. 12 votes for WINDOW_HOME_IN_PROVENCE_HEART by paysmage
150. 11 votes for HeartsAndHolly_Repeat_2000sq_v1 by mina_miyaki
151. 11 votes for LOVE BIRDS by odel
152. 10 votes for 3 bumped heart by martautal
153. 10 votes for Virginia Love by crhenley74
154. 10 votes for Banksia Collection Blue by lu_fazzi
155. 10 votes for Home sweet home by blackstage_design
156. 10 votes for Pretty Maids Tea Towel – Flirty Green by ameliae
157. 10 votes for “Home is Where the Heart is.” Tea Towel by pond_ripple
158. 9 votes for MOUNTAIN HOME WHERE MY HEART BELONGS by sburke313
159. 9 votes for bee_for_Kate by geaausten
160. 9 votes for Tulip Flower by braveleo
161. 9 votes for Hearth and Home by katawampus
162. 9 votes for Home is where the heart is by crystallized_ycl
163. 9 votes for this_is_fall by iyami
164. 9 votes for Home Is Where They Feed Me by come_swim_with_kay
165. 9 votes for art by ratfancy
166. 8 votes for Heart Home by trilliumwoodstudio
167. 8 votes for image-ch by bows’n’arrows
168. 8 votes for Galapagos cotton flower with bee by bluedasher_photography
169. 7 votes for image by sigrid_english
170. 7 votes for Leaf by oitsewkay
171. 7 votes for You will be home soon by quiwah
172. 7 votes for home_creation by freevam
173. 7 votes for Home is where the Deco heart is by orlala
174. 7 votes for Hand drawn confectionery seamless pattern croissant Cupcake candy marshmallow ice cream cake donut and coffee. by ekaterinap
175. 6 votes for house love by gar294
176. 6 votes for Mom’s garden in spring by daria_rosen
177. 6 votes for Home is where no gluten at by craftwithcartwright
178. 5 votes for Its Not Heart to Spot by franbail
179. 5 votes for Bella Roma by theluxuryboudoir
180. 5 votes for headband by preetha
181. 5 votes for HEART_YELLOW_DOTS by zebravancouver
182. 5 votes for Bo’tje grey-blue by daphnecelie
183. 5 votes for Home-crafted in Love by b2b
184. 5 votes for Graffiti Love by menny
185. 4 votes for flower around the house by y_me_it’s_me
186. 4 votes for snowman by mahankaur
187. 4 votes for Fandango Puce Artichoke Mahogany Candy by naturalbeauty
188. 4 votes for Algae_4_Sept by vh22designs
189. 4 votes for dogpattern by runnergirl65
190. 4 votes for Home is Where the Heart Is by maryyx
191. 3 votes for Gibson front porch by kevinhoneycutt
192. 3 votes for MARTINI CATZ (BLUE) by piarichard
193. 3 votes for teen heart strings by wandadawndesigns
194. 2 votes for MOUNTSTARS by f2illustrations
195. 2 votes for RhubarbPomegranateandFig by alexandra_stefani
196. 2 votes for A sunny home is where the heart is by vondy
197. 2 votes for heart by ameriebowde
198. 2 votes for home by hannahwestcambria
199. 2 votes for Pink home sweet home tea towel by athreadofvintage
200. 2 votes for Words_for_Home by ghoststargirl
201. 2 votes for Gold Religious For God so Loved the World John 3:16 by gigglepoo
202. 1 votes for TEA__RALLY by pattyl

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