Announcing the Winners of our Grandma’s Kitchen Design Challenge

OCT 13, 2016
Cynthiafrenette was the Grand Prize Winner of the “Grandma’s Kitchen” Design Challenge!

Congratulations are in order for five-time challenge winner Cynthiafrenette, who made our mouth’s water with “Virginia’s Dessert!”  Cynthia will receive a Maran slipper chair from Roostery upholstered with Eco Canvas in a design of her choice ($469 value).  A big round of applause is also in order for the rest of the top 10, who will receive one custom Orpington tea towel in their own winning design from Roostery ($17 value). Designs voted into the top 11-25 will be automatically be proofed and made available for sale in the Spoonflower Marketplace ($5 value).  

“Virginia’s Dessert” by cynthiafrenette

Shop all of October’s Design Challenge entries sewn up on Roostery tea towels here, and receive a professionally sewn, finished tea towel just just $3.00 more than buying just a fat quarter of fabric.  Have you submitted your entry into our most popular design challenge of the year, calendar tea towels? Tuesday the 18th is the last day to enter, make sure you don’t miss out!

1. 244 votes for Virginia’s Dessert by cynthiafrenette
2. 223 votes for Summer Lemonade by vo_aka_virginiao
3. 209 votes for Homemade Applesauce recipe tea towel by heleen_vd_thillart
4. 208 votes for Uncle Walt’s Rum Cake by khubbs
5. 207 votes for Chrissy Cookies by amel24
6. 205 votes for Jam season by kostolom3000
7. 190 votes for Monica’s Boiled Fruit Cake by cjldesigns
8. 183 votes for Barbara Jean’s Red Velvet Cake by mulo_marrone
9. 178 votes for Grandma’s Sugar Cookies Tea Towel by jenimp
10. 176 votes for Nana’s blue + white kitchen by pattyryboltdesigns
11. 175 votes for Grandma’s Apple Pie – © Lucinda Wei by lucindawei
12. 162 votes for Sugared Figs Tea Towel by ceciliamok
13. 160 votes for Muffins recipe by cassiopee
14. 150 votes for Grandmas_table by _jean_ruth
15. 149 votes for Coq-au-vin by la_fabriken
16. 144 votes for Tea party by lidiebug
17. 143 votes for Grandmas Meatball recipe tea towel by mimipinto
18. 141 votes for Grandmas_Kitchen_a by teaspoonart
19. 138 votes for Hot Cocoa Tea Towel by jacquelinehurd
20. 121 votes for Pate Sucree by susan_polston
21. 120 votes for Woodland Holiday Tea Towel by accidental_rabbit
22. 118 votes for Nana’s Jammin’ by seesawboomerang
23. 118 votes for spicy bean salsa tea towel by scrummy
24. 117 votes for Grandma’s Tea by designsbyismatshahid
25. 111 votes for Nana’s Date and Nut Loaf by _rachel_
26. 110 votes for RecipeTowel by blairfully_made
27. 110 votes for Honey Do by justbaileydesigns
28. 106 votes for Grandma’s Kitchen by palusalu
29. 103 votes for Grandma’s Recipe by kellyparkersmith
30. 100 votes for Grandma’s Chicken Soup by cbronsky
31. 100 votes for Home Made Pasta Sauce by pc_morgan
32. 99 votes for Vintage Teapot Collection 2017 Calendar by judy_kahooti
33. 98 votes for Pumpkin Pie Towel by pond_ripple
34. 96 votes for Grandma_s_kitchen_apple_cake_tea_towel by leroyj
35. 94 votes for Granny’s Irish Stew by irishvikingdesigns
36. 94 votes for applestrudel by gaiamarfurt
37. 91 votes for Split Pea Soup by jjtrends
38. 90 votes for Rhubarb Crisp by karinka
39. 90 votes for Jumbleberry by lauraflorencedesigns
40. 89 votes for German Chocolate Pie by dearchickie
41. 86 votes for French Pot-au-feu by gabriellemutel
42. 85 votes for MIRACLE WHIP CHOCOLATE CAKE by bluevelvet
43. 83 votes for Pink Champagne Cake by vieiragirl
44. 83 votes for Les merveilles de Mamie by axelle_design
45. 82 votes for Cut & Come Again Cake by daintydora
46. 82 votes for Vietnamese_Iced_Coffee_recipe_SF-Roostery-Tea-Towel-Template-Final by pettibear
47. 80 votes for Grandma’s Recipes by woodledoo
48. 79 votes for Gaby’s Recipe *Spiced Donuts by juliesfabrics
49. 76 votes for Babcia’s Kolacky by jennifer_todd
50. 76 votes for wheremagicsmade by joslynndowd
51. 69 votes for Watercolor Pumpkins by jeanniedickson
52. 69 votes for Hierloom recipes by anchoa
53. 69 votes for Potato Candy by orangefancy
54. 66 votes for Red Velvet Cake Recipe Tea Towel* by pennycandy
55. 65 votes for 2017 Tea Towel Sweet Bacon Recipe by mariafaithgarcia
56. 64 votes for Pink Champagne Tea Towel by mag-o
57. 64 votes for IsabellesFreshBread-01 by misschiffdesigns
58. 64 votes for Gockoo’s Apple Crisp by coloroncloth
59. 63 votes for golden_syrup_dumplings by j9design
60. 58 votes for Grandmas-Kitchen-v2_v by kfrogb
61. 58 votes for WWII Rationing Tea Towel by landpenguin
62. 56 votes for Passed down recipes by krystalsavage
63. 55 votes for Caramel Apple Sheet Cake by pixabo
64. 52 votes for Nanny’s Recipe Tea Towel by lilymorgan
65. 52 votes for Winter berries (grey) by elena_naylor
66. 52 votes for Pumpkin pie recipe by craftwithcartwright
67. 51 votes for Holy Guacamole! by joanandrose
68. 51 votes for Powder Brownies-ed by katawampus
69. 50 votes for Hummingbird Nectar Recipe Tea Towel by twix
70. 49 votes for lily of the valley by tataro
71. 48 votes for Flowers and Hummingbirds by royalforest
72. 48 votes for Granny’s Hot Cocoa by sprinklesofcolor
74. 44 votes for Granny’s Comfort Tea Towel by athreadofvintage
75. 42 votes for Grandma’s Kitchen: Star Cookies by krussimages
76. 41 votes for Pattern by ficomaldonado22
77. 39 votes for Grandma’s Liquid Fire by julia_diane
78. 36 votes for Goose_Final by foxwoodbabyco
79. 34 votes for StrawberryJamTeaTowel by beckarahn
80. 33 votes for Caribbean_Salmon_Recipe_Tea_Towel by de_froy
81. 32 votes for Pickles by edinburghese
82. 31 votes for Argyle Gingerbread Men by evelinalilliebjcdesigns
83. 31 votes for SOOBLOO__MY_GRANDMA_S_KITCHEN-01 by soobloo
84. 27 votes for Grandma’s Kitchen / Thankful Harvest Roast Veg / by magentarosedesigns
85. 26 votes for Watercolor Chicken by katjamarie
86. 26 votes for Treasures in Grandma’s Kitchen by b2b
87. 25 votes for My Grandmother’s Recipe Box 1 by konalinda
88. 25 votes for Hexiplus by susiscauldron
89. 24 votes for Pear jam by daria_rosen
90. 23 votes for Ma_s_Christmas by jigliving
91. 22 votes for 2blueLaceB4 by janegood
92. 22 votes for ButterballsTeaTowels by della_vita
93. 22 votes for teapot by y_me_it’s_me
94. 20 votes for The Beach by Liz H Lovell by lizhlovell
95. 20 votes for Grandmas_kitchen by ghoststargirl
96. 19 votes for pretty-jasmine by f2illustrations
97. 19 votes for Grandmas Southern Peach Cobbler-ed by floramoon_designs
98. 19 votes for MalibuCreative_GrandmasKitchen by malibu_creative
99. 18 votes for Grandma Jo’s Handwriting by mongiesama
100. 17 votes for cherry by zebravancouver
101. 17 votes for Grandma’s Potato Salad Recipe by deanna_konz
102. 16 votes for stipsa’s letterquilt by stipsa
103. 16 votes for gingerbread-men-tea-towel by frendi
104. 15 votes for vase_and_peppebluer by saschadahlia
105. 14 votes for Mi abuelita cocina las enchiladas más sabrosos by hannafate
106. 14 votes for MomMom’s Baked Pineapple by createspeace
107. 13 votes for Two Cookies In One by snidgy’s_designs
108. 8 votes for Wednesday_Chicken by designs_by_susan
109. 8 votes for Grandmas_Kitchen by salisburysboutique
110. 8 votes for Farm_Fresh by kimlea
111. 7 votes for Taco Party 1f (HD) by yetorres
112. 6 votes for Hens and Chicks Modern Chic Print by l_eliza
113. 5 votes for Olivia_Walker_-_Flower_Design_copy by olivia_claire
114. 5 votes for Gifts From The Garden 1 – Holiday Red/Festive Green/Almost White by come_swim_with_kay
115. 4 votes for Boston Cooking School Cook Book by gargoylesentry
116. 3 votes for Remember by oitsewkay
117. 1 votes for hearts_and_bricks_seascape by shuela

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