12 Questions for Web Developer Katie A

OCT 12, 2016

Next in our series of Spoonie interviews, we’re introducing you to Katie, a web developer at Spoonflower. Katie blew us all away last year with her entirely self-designed and sewn letter costume, which won our employee costume contest of course! Meet Katie: 

The first thing I want you to know about me is: I’m a woman who writes code.

My secret talent is: Hand-cut dovetail boxes.

The very first thing I do in the morning is: Lay in bed for precisely one snooze button.  Any longer than that and traffic is terrible.

The last book I read is: The Penland Book of Woodworking

The last song I listened to is: Otis Walks Into the Woods by Mary Lattimore, a harpist I saw at Hopscotch Music Festival

I take my coffee: Never coffee!  Iced, on very rare occasions, I guess.  Mostly just water.  

I loooooove: Baby goats

I’m really proud of: I am currently living the life I imagined for myself.

The podcast I never miss an episode of is: (don’t really do podcasts) (but I do like The Moth)

Women of Computer Science by elramsay

My favorite Spoonflower designer is: Elramsay

My favorite type of fabric is: Natural wovens, although I have been doing a lot with Organic Cotton Knit lately

My favorite design in the Marketplace is: Butt Guys and Wildlife

This is Katie’s workspace! “A stand-up desk that I created out of boxes and fabric scraps from around the factory.” Katie stands on the balance board in front of her desk most of the time.

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