12 Questions for Operations Supervisor Paula A.

OCT 19, 2016

Paula is a Managing supervisor in Operations at Spoonflower. When she’s not actively trying to photobomb every picture being taken at work or finding where all the candy stashes are, she can be found at home snuggling with her corgi mutts, reading a book, or attempting to keep up a personal sewing blog lilblueseamstress. Here are the 12 questions we asked Paula!

Can you tell what Paula’s favorite color is?

The first thing I want you to know about me is: If we ever have a conversation- I will probably be plotting what puns I can fit in casually. I can’t stop myself from making bad jokes.

My secret talent is: I can build an incredible camp fire. I can also touch my tongue to my nose. These talents are unrelated.

The very first thing I do in the morning is: Hit the snooze. Mope. Make tea and let the dogs out.

The last book I read is: The Scar by China Mieville. This is a hard question to keep my answer short- I’m an avid reader and ALWAYS want to talk about books.

The last song I listened to is: I’ve been listening to Yeasayer non-stop recently. So probably “Longevity” or “Rome” by them.

I take my coffee: Tea. Earl Gray. Hot.”

I loooooove: Corgis – specifically my corgi mutt dudes Pogo and Pipsqueak. But also Corgis in general. All other dogs. The color blue. Brie. Books. Harry Potter. Sewing. Bikes.

I’m really proud of: My strange ability to fold any size or type of fabric really neatly. Or my ability to cut an incredibly straight line with a rotary blade. Both are perks of the job! Still can’t fold a fitted sheet though…

The podcast I never miss an episode of is: How to Do Everything by NPR – super funny and witty. They will get to the bottom of any question. Nothing is too big or too small. They’ve made Sir Patrick Stewart moo like a cow and they routinely make Peter Segal eat weird things.

My favorite Spoonflower designer is: This is a tough one! I see so many awesome designs every day and my taste can be all over the place sometimes. But… I would have to go with pennycandy, rochelle_new, heidikenney, and mandasisco – they all have really amazing vintage/retro inspired designs.

My favorite type of fabric is: Modern Jersey. Hands down.

Ray Gun Revival by Studiofibinacci

My favorite design in the Marketplace is: Another tough question. Seriously my “favorite designs” list is in the high hundreds on my front page… Ya’ll gotta stop being so talented! (Please don’t actually stop- I love all of it!) So I’m going to pick Ray Gun Revival by studiofibonacci because it has elements of a lot of the things I love – the color blue, retro design, scifi.

See more of Paula’s favorite designs, and check out the “Sewing a Lane Raglan with Fleece” tutorial she wrote for the Spoonflower blog here.

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  • It’s sew great to learn more about you, Paula! And I’m super-flattered to be included in your list of faves! Thank you!