My adopted shelter pup, Olive, loooooves playing with toys that squeak. Therefore, I’ve long had it on my list to make her a custom squeaky plush! I know you might be thinking… “my dog is going to demolish that in seconds flat. So why would I spend the time to make my own?” Of course every dog has a unique “rate of destruction,” and I’m not saying these will last forever by any means, but by using durable material, polyester thread and reinforced stitches, your pup should enjoy some solid play time before this toy gives in. This project is quick to sew up, it should only take you about 15 minutes per plush!

(Note: Eco Canvas was retired in 2021 but you can recreate this project with Spoonflower’s Recycled Canvas. Learn more about Recycled Canvas, a woven canvas featuring REPREVE® recycled polyester suitable for seasonal outdoor use.)


You can really have fun customizing this project, and you know… your dog can definitely tell when you give them handmade stuff and they’ll love you more for it, trust me!  It’s also more affordable to DIY, yes, even with custom-printed fabric. In this tutorial, we’re using a cut-and-sew kit from wanart that will get you nine plushies in just one fat quarter of Eco Canvas. You likely have all the other materials already, except maybe the squeaky inserts, which are also super affordable (see what we suggest below).  These can of course be customized with whichever fabric you feel suits your pooch’s personality best. Follow along with our tutorial and prepare to make your doggie’s day!

Gather your materials:

  1. squeaky inserts. We used this pack of 20, but if you don’t plan to make very many, this pack of 6 is just $2.00.
  2. poly-fill (depending on how many toys you make, you won’t need much)
  3. Eco Canvas fabric. We used a fat quarter of “We Belong Together” plushies by Wanart. With this cut and sew kit, you’ll be able to make 9 plushies. 
  4. scissors
  5. sewing machine
  6. needle and thread (Select a thread color that matches the edge of your fabric. Polyester thread will be more durable than cotton.)


Step 1: Cut out your shapes.



Step 2: Pin your pieces, right sides facing.


Step 3: Sew around the edge, leaving about 3 inches open. Don’t forget to backstitch!

Use a short stitch length, and you can even double stitch over the first seam for added durability

Step 4: Turn your pieces right side out, insert your squeaker and poly-fill.


Step 4: Machine stitch your opening closed, or hand-stitch using a whip stitch or ladder stitch for an invisible seam.


You’re done! 

hand stitch the plush toy using needle and thread




dog playing with toy
pup tested, pup approved


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Happy Making!

XO – Theresa & Olive