Ravens vs. Black Cats

SEP 9, 2016 updated May 20, 2021
 Cats Vs. Ravens: Weekly Designs
Once upon a midnight dreary, you grabbed your paints and made it eerie! Last week we asked designers to channel their inner Edgar Allen Poe, an American writer who brought a supernatural magic to dark, mysterious animals in his poems. Check out some of our favorite Cats vs Ravens designs below, and be sure to check out all of last week’s Prompt submissions right here on Spoonflower.  Don’t forget to “heart” and comment on your favorites! See one you like but it isn’t for sale yet? Log into your Spoonflower account and send a message to the designer letting them know you’re interested in purchasing their design. 
Black Cats by Joslynndowd
Black Cats | Joslynndowd
Halloween Cats by Emily Cromwell
Halloween Cats | Emily Cromwell
Cats & Ravens by Grace Andersson
Cats & Ravens | Grace Andersson
The Raven & Black Cat by alinepellegrini
The Raven & Black Cat | alinepellegrini
Cats Vs. Ravens by Jacquelinehurd
Cats Vs. Ravens | Jacquelinehurd

Hungry for me? Preview the upcoming September weekly design prompts, and see what’s in store for October’s return of the Weekly Design Challenge (the return of a classic tradition!).

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