A Yard of Apple Fabric A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

SEP 2, 2016


How is it already September?? We partnered with Plum Print last month to offer fun prizes for our weekly design prompts, it was so fun to follow along each week with your submissions! Thanks to the talent of our design community, we found an orchard of riches with designs featuring apples in response to our weekly theme. Plum Print chose Watercolour Apples by emmaallardsmith as the winner, and Emma will receive a Plum Print book featuring 30 of her designs.
Watercolour Apples | Emma Allard Smith was this week's Plum Pick!
Watercolour Apples | Emma Allard Smith

Fleece picnic blanket, anyone?
When the theme of the week at Spoonflower is “Apples” someone in the office inevitably has to bake an apple pie. This one is white cheddar and apple and it is tasted just as delicious as it looks! Snag the recipe.

We’ve rounded up more of our favorite apple designs below, but you can sample them all here. See some you like that aren’t yet for sale? Log into your account to send a message to the designer, requesting that the design be made available. Most designers are happy to oblige!

Apples by angelger28
Apples | angelger28
Apples by Marta Strausa
Apples | Marta Strausa
Apples by heleenvanbuul
Apples | heleenvanbuul

Giveaway winner has been chosen!plumprintbanner

Congratulations to Sharon Mathieu who won our month-long sweepstakes. You’re about to be published!

Want to know what’s coming up next? See all the September weekly design prompts. Missing the weekly Design Challenges of yore? Well, we have some pretty big news for you.

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