12 Questions for Joyce: Spoonflower’s HR & Benefits Manager

SEP 28, 2016

Joyce G is beloved and revered as the company wordsmith, poet, and patient demystifier of benefits and insurance policies. She joined the Spoonflower family in October of last year, and so we thought it high time to get to know her a little better! 

The first thing I want you to know about me is:  I am an enormous New England Patriots fan, as I grew up in New England and spent many a summer afternoon hanging out at Patriots training camp (back when the team was…not as productive as it has been recently).  Go ahead, boo all you want.

My secret talent is: Making a healthy and well-rounded dinner that absolutely nobody in my family wants to eat.  It’s truly a skill.

The very first thing I do in the morning is: Exercise, so that I can have enough energy during the day to keep up with things. That, and yawn.

The last book I read is: Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I’ve been reading it to my daughter at night, and defining all the out-of-fashion terms (fortnight, anyone?) for her.  It’s been a wonderful trip down memory lane to revisit Anne and her dreams of puffed sleeves.

The last song I listened to is:  “Pata Pata.”  An oldie, but so fun and energizing.

I take my coffee: In a New England Patriots coffee mug, of course.

I loooooove:  Reading with my kids.  We always have interesting conversations about the characters, the plots, and the way things could have gone in the story.  What if Sirius hadn’t been tending to Buckbeak, and had been available to chat with Harry in the kitchen fireplace, instead of Kreacher? What if Gandalf had stayed with the dwarves and Bilbo in the forest of Mirkwood? Where would those choices have taken the story?

I’m really proud of:  So many things!  Today, I’m proud of my sister, who, as part of a relay team, just swam a triathlon distance in a race, and came in fourth.  Every day brings something new to be proud of.

The podcast I never miss an episode of is: Radiolab, from WNYC. My 10 year old son loves it, too, though sometimes I have to pre-listen to make sure it’s appropriate for him — which is great, because then I get to listen to it twice!

My favorite Spoonflower designer is: GaiaMarfurt.  I love everything she does!  Her work is so cheerful and well-thought-out.

Design featured here is PomPom by Antoniamanda printed on Minky

My favorite type of fabric is: Minky.  We have a lot of minky pillows and blankets at home now because it’s so snuggly and soft. My whole family loves it!

Watercolor Penguins with little Blue Fish on Grey by Micklyn

My favorite design in the Marketplace is: Changing every day, as new designs are added to the Marketplace!  But, since I love penguins, my favorite design of the day is Watercolor Penguins with Little Blue Fish on Grey by Micklyn. It’s currently a skin on my laptop, and it always makes me smile.

Pleasure getting to know you, Joyce! Meet more Spoonies. 

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