What’s Your Favorite Subject?

AUG 18, 2016 updated May 19, 2021

Congratulations are in order for Elishka aka Robyriker, whose So Many Colorful Books design was chosen as this week’s Plum Print top pick.  Elishka will receive a pillow custom printed with her winning design, courtesy of Plum Print. Join in on Weekly Prompts to come and find out what each week’s prizes will be. We’ve rounded up a few of our own favorites from last week’s tagged designs. Check them out and see all of them here

Art Class

Watercolor paint Abstract Pastel by Magenta Rose

English Class

English Wordplay by grace_andersson

Chemistry Class

Chemistry Tangle by Abbieuproot

Gym Class

Dance, Dance, Dance! by Jessica Soon
Dance, Dance, Dance! by Jessica Soon

Music Class

Music Class by Svetlana Prikhnenko

Have a ton of priceless artwork from your child but running out of space on the fridge? Send it off to the folks at Plum Print, and they’ll turn it into a gorgeous hardcover book for you instead. Problem solved! Win one and some Spoonflower credit too, details below.  UPDATE: Congrats to Sharon Mathieu who won this giveaway! 


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