These scary cute vintage Halloween treat bags are a quick cut-and-sew project from the Halloween Queen herself, Heidi Kenney. Heidi’s stopping by the blog today to share the how-to, using her cut-and-sew template available in the Spoonflower Marketplace. Pick a yard up here in Petal Signature Cotton™ or Satin, then follow her easy steps below to sew up these monstrously cute treat bags. We think they’d be perfect for hiding candy during a mini-Halloween hunt around the house!

Heidi:  I designed these using scans of vintage paper Halloween treat bags. I’ve designed them so that 30 full templates will fit on a yard of fabric. If you’re Petal Signature Cotton, that totals out to be just 62 cents per bag! Not too shabby. Here are the instructions for how to make your own set.

1. Cut out treat bags with a rotary cutter and ruler leaving 1/4 inch and each side, and 3/8 inch on top and bottom.

Cut out treat bags

2. Fold over top and bottom edge right on the edge of the print, and sew across using a 1/4 inch seam.

Fold over top and bottom edge right on the edge, and sew across

3. Fold bags in half right sides together, aligning top edge. Stitch both sides with a 1/4 inch seam making sure to start and stop right below your top edge stitching. You don’t want to stitch over the top of this because you need this area to insert your drawstrings.

4. Before turning bags it is easier to insert the drawstrings first. Using an oversized needle thread your string through both channels and tie off on one side. Then to create a bag that closes when you pull both strings do the same but coming out and tying off on the opposite side.

turn bag right side out and press
5. Turn bag right side out and iron flat.


Heidi Kenney designed these bags from scans of vintage paper