Marbled Designs You Need In Your Life Right Now

JUL 15, 2016


Another week, another design prompt! Right now, the spotlight is on all things Marbled. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites from the #July2016Marbled Weekly Prompt submissions below. 

Blue Marble Design by tinabriggs on Spoonflower
Blue Marble | Tinabriggs
#July2016Marbled design submitted by Seesawboomerang on Spoonflower
Pink Marble | Seesawboomerang

Marble Cats by Kostolom3000 on Spoonflower
Marble Cats | Kostolom3000
Rose Quartz Amathyst Stone & Marbled Hexagon Tiles
Rose Quartz Amathyst Stone & Marbled Hexagon Tiles | Micklyn
Marble Texture by Julia_diane on Spoonflower
Marble Texture | Julia_diane

“Heart,” comment on and share your favorites, and be sure to check out the rest of this week’s #July2016Marbled submissions here. See one you like that’s not for sale yet? Log into your account to send a message to the designer, letting them know you’d like to buy it. Want to participate in next week’s prompt? See all of July’s prompts and get started designing. Who knows, you & your Spoonflower shop might just be featured!

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  • Carol aka GargoyleSentry

    Thank you for this blog posting — so much better than the email that went out showing ‘hundreds ‘ of ‘marble[d]’ tags and showing only designs For Sale. Even though the number of entries this week was disappointing, I appreciate a chance for someone to see my designs and to give me feedback, even if it is silence.

    Thanks again, Carol