August Weekly Prompts

JUL 19, 2016 updated May 19, 2021

This month we celebrate the back-to-school season with our friends at Plum Print. Plum Print is the easy, super smart way to turn the piles and piles of artwork your children create (and perhaps you too!) into custom coffee-table books, digital archives, home décor and other gifts. This month, we’re partnering up to offer you great prizes for your fabulous weekly designs! 

How it works:  To participate, you’ll simply upload your design to Spoonflower, make it “public” and add in that week’s specific tag. Each week will have its own special tag, which is how participating designs will be found on Spoonflower.

August Prizes:  
Each week, Plum Print will choose a favorite pick to receive a prize. No designer may be chosen twice in one month. There will also be random sweepstakes winners drawn at the end of the month who will win Spoonflower credit and their designs printed on Plum Print goodies. More to come on that next week so stay tuned! Each week’s winner will be announced the following Monday after the corresponding week’s theme.
Week 1: Pack of Plum Print Notecards featuring the winning design entry. Congrats to Cecilia Mok for winning this week!
Week 2: Plum Print Pillow featuring the winning design.
Week 3: Plum Print Shower Curtain featuring the winning design.
Week 4: A Plum Print Book of the winner’s favorite designs (up to 30 different designs)
How do you choose the themes?  This month’s themes were chosen by Meg from Plum Print to celebrate the beginning of a new school year for the kiddos. We think you’ll love what she came up with! Here are August’s themes:
  • August 1st – August 7th: ABCs, 123s — Spoonflower TagAug2016ABC123. Letters and numbers, the building blocks of our world. Let your creativity fly as you design with letters of the alphabet and/or digits to your hearts content.
  • August 8th – August 15: Your Favorite Subject — Spoonflower Tag: Aug2016FavoriteSubject. English, Math, Social Studies, Recess? How will your design reflect your favorite subject from your school days?
  • August 16th – August 21st: Crayons — Spoonflower Tag: Aug2016Crayons. Life is like a box of crayons, so color your world! Create a design with color and fun!
  • August 22nd – August 28th: Apples — Spoonflower Tag: Aug2016Apples. An apple for your teacher. We’re all supposed to have one a day. Get creative with this healthy treat.

Happy Designing, we can’t wait to see what you create!

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  • Hi there. Is it Ok to enter my design before the start date? I have my apple fabric ready and I’m expecting a baby any day now so I don’t want to miss the window. If I upload it before the 22nd will it still be a valid entry? Also is it OK to tag more than one fabric design or colour way that fits within the theme or is it limited to one entry? Thanks, Jiah

    • Yes you can absolutely enter your design before the start date, just tag the design appropriately and you’re good to go! For the weekly prompt designs, it’s perfectly fine to tag more than one design. Thanks for participating!

  • VIcky Medlin

    When will we know who won this week’s design. I entered a ABC , tagged it and made public but I dont see anything up about which design won the weekly prompt. Thanks

  • Nancy Fanning

    How/when are the cut off dates for entering the challenges and weekly themes.

    • Hi there! You can enter anytime within the date range shown for each theme. So for Aug2016FavoriteSubject you can submit designs anytime until August 15.

  • Ruth Robson

    Love these themes as it will build a create collection. I can smell the crayons now.