5 Adorable Cut and Sew Fat Quarter Projects

JUL 6, 2016 updated May 14, 2021

They may be small, but a fat quarter is perhaps the mightiest cut of fabric. We’ve rounded up 5 all-star fat quarter projects from the Spoonflower Marketplace. From dolls to pencil cases to tea towels, the real question is what can’t you make with a fat quarter of fabric? Time to stock up on these adorable, fast projects!

Cora the Mermaid by Cerigwen

Cora the Mermaid Plushie Pillow by Cerigwen

Llama Soft Toys by CjlDesigns

Llama Soft Toys by CjlDesigns

DIY Custom Cut and Sew Fat Quarter Dolls

Custom DIY Dolls by Natitys

Bobbit Pencil Case by Woodmouse&Bobbit

Bobbit Pencil Case by Woodmouse&Bobbit

Cut and Sew Dolls by StacyIestHsuCut and Sew Dolls by StaceyIestHsu

Bonus: Recipe Tea Towels!

Recipe Tea Towels

Pickles Pickles Pickles Tea Towel by Pixabo

Killer Guacamole Tea Towel by 1stPancake

Old-Fashioned Lemonade Tea Towel by Pennycandy

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