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Move over, garden gnomes–the retro lawn ornament we’re loving right now is the classic pink plastic flamingo. Turns out, they look just as great on fabric as they do in a 1950s manicured lawn! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites below, be sure to check out more from our Marketplace here.

pink hand painted flamingo surface pattern
Flamingo Party Small | Shelby Allison
pink watercolor hand painted flamingos with gray doted background and monstera leaves, hibiscus flowers
Tropicana Flamingo in Grey | Nouveau Bohemian
Flamingo Faster (sea stripe blue) by seesawboomerang
Flamingo Faster (sea stripe blue) | seesawboomerang
large surface design repeat of pink flamingos
Flamingo Fever in Coral | Willowlanetextiles
Tropical Harvest by dearchickie
Tropical Harvest | dearchickie

flamingo by Svetlana Prikhnenko
Flamingo | Svetlana Prikhnenko
Flamingo Retro on Geometric Background by mariafaithgarcia
Flamingo Retro on Geometric Background | mariafaithgarcia
Flamingos on Polka Dots by eclectic_house
Flamingos on Polka Dots | eclectic_house
Pink Flamingos and Black Cat by kostolom3000
Pink Flamingos and Black Cat | kostolom3000

Looking for more tropical inspiration that pair well with pink feathered friends? You’ll love these too.