July’s Design Challenge Will Make You Do a Double Take

JUN 22, 2016

Spoonflower Presents: The Betabrand Design Challenge

Hello Designers! Voting is officially open for our June challenge, so we’re excited to present a sneak peek of next month’s “tricky”  theme! We’re thrilled to partner with Betabrand for our Double Take Design Challenge. Betabrand is a crowdsourced, crowdfunded clothing company based in San Francisco that specializes in clothing that does double duty (Dress Pant Yoga Pants, anyone?).  We’re teaming up to find designs that are not quite what they seem at a first glance. 

We are looking for quirky new takes on classic patterns, designs that reveal more than meets the eye upon a second glance, an allover print that could be two things at once, or simply something original, bold, and sure to invite conversation. Designs will be previewed at the fat-quarter size (21″ x 18″) and must be original and created just for our Betabrand Double Take Design Challenge. Excited? Stay tuned for July 1 when we’ll make an official announcement of the amazing prizes, timeline and official rules. But until then…

To get your creativity flowing, we’ve pulled together some examples of super fun garments produced by Betabrand that invite a second glance (and plenty of compliments!). Take a peek, and if you’re looking for even more inspiration, head over to our Double Take Pinterest board!

Hiding-Dino Sundress
Hiding-Dino Sundress
Navy Haeckeloha Button-Up Shirt
Navy Haeckeloha Button-Up Shirt

Gentleman's Monster Shirt
Gentleman’s Monster Shirt
Houndstoof Dress, glitch print
Houndstoof Dress
Jaguar pants
Jaguar pants
Double Take theme inspiration from actual BetaBrand garments
“Double Take” design inspiration from actual Betabrand garments
Betabrand and Spoonflower "Double Take" July Design Challenge
Camo-fruit, if you will…

We can’t wait to see your take on our theme! Be sure to check back to our site on July 1st when we announce the full details of our Design Challenge with Betabrand including the official rules, timeline and prizes! Happy designing!

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