Introducing our June Design Challenge

JUN 1, 2016

We're teaming up with our friends at StoryPatches to bring you June's Design Challenge: Family Tree Coordinates! This Challenge seeks 4 coordinating designs that celebrate family, in all of its forms. No need to attach a story of any kind or create a quilt label, just submit four designs formatted in a one-yard sized file, that all go together and symbolize family to you.  The winning coordinate designs will be licensed for an exclusive set of StoryPatches labels! 

Not sure how your designs will look as StoryPatches labels? The possibilities are endless! The winning designer will work with the team at StoryPatches to create an exclusive set of quilt labels adapted from their Family Tree Coordinates – the perfect complement to any handmade project created with the winning designs!

Not sure how to design coordinates? Check out this blog post where our friend Bonnie Christine shows us just how easy it can be.    

Need help with design layout?  Download our coordinate template and instructions.

Still can't get your head around this challenge? Check out one of our previous "coordinate" design challenge winners.

Here's an example of four coordinating designs in the layout we're looking for for this Design Challenge: 

An example of four coordinating designs, formatted to fit on one yard. All designs are by Bonnie Christine, and are not related to the theme of this Design Challenge

Prizes: Winner receives $300 cash prize from StoryPatches and a licensing contract to create a line of quilt labels, $300 Spoonflower credit + a press release. All remaining entrants in the top 10 to receive $100 in Spoonflower credit.

Click below to read more details about the Design Challenge timeline and official rules, as well as how you can be entered into a giveaway!


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  • Mommy Brain Art

    Would it be unwise to have one of coordinating designs be a panel?

  • Apologies if we misunderstood! No, submitting a larger file will not result in disqualification, but please note that all designs will still be viewed at the 42″ x 36″ canvas size during voting. Setting the design to centered will not break the entry 🙂 Thanks for great questions!

  • Thanks, but that’s not really what I’m asking. Will submitting a larger width yard (to match e.g. Sport Lycra at 56″) get disqualified. Likewise will setting it to centred ‘break’ my entry? I can stick with 42″ on repeat, but it’s less convenient in terms of future potential selling.

  • There will need to be four different coordinating designs, compiled within a one yard sized file (42″ x 36″), as shown in the the photo example above.

  • I usually design coordinates to the largest yard size, and centre them. Will these two factors not work for this competition? Must it be 42×36 and set to repeat? Thanks.

  • I found the StoryPatch template. It’s a Photoshop document, not a PDF, with guidelines and layers. If you don’t have Photoshop I don’t think you can use it, but you don’t really need it.
    It’s a 42 inch wide by 36 inch deep document, divided into four 18 by 21 inch sections, with each section filled by a different coordinate design.
    That’s what they want, 4 equal rectangles filling a yard of 42 inch wide fabric. You can use any method or program, so long as you get that final result.

  • Been a lot more human then usual lately. humh? LOL Guess it is hard to edit everything on a Iphone or Ipad. Why I don’t use them for my designing! No good view no matter how hard ya squint!
    Is their any way to make the PDF template in a form that is open-able in browser windows? So we can all look to see if we want to down load.
    Not sure of its cause I’ve no Zip but I can not open that template.
    For those of us that us the dinosaur PC type implements,an programs. This app an zip stuff,and all the changes to phone apps makes it very hard to continue to play in the SF community’s park!

  • Is the contest really due on FRIDAY June 17th? Just making sure since that is an unusual day of the week for Spoonflower contest deadlines… thanks!

  • Glad I read this! The directions are confusing. I also thought we were supposed to design labels, since the company sells labels. What will they be using the coordinating prints for? I couldn’t find anything besides labels on the website. It would help to know how it will be used.

  • You do not need to design a label, no! Just create four coordinating design on a yard with the theme of family tree, that’s all! The winning designs will be re-worked and sold as quilt labels once the Design Challenge has closed. The designs should coordinate with each other — not with StoryPatch’s existing labels. Great questions!

  • Apologies for any confusion, there’s absolutely no requirement to use the app or print a story/ messages for the Design Challenge. You simply need to design four coordinates on a yard with the theme of Family Tree. Please feel free to email us at for any further questions!

  • D’oh! While we do strive for perfection, we are humans and sometimes make mistakes unfortunately. So sorry for any confusion caused, the rules have now been updated!

  • Hi Hanna! No, there will not be a top 100 this time. However, we will begin scanning for designs at 3 PM on Tuesday the 17th, and removing designs that don’t adhere to the official rules.

  • Eclectic House

    I guess they copied the form from the last monthly contest instead of making a new one and left some wording that should have been changed.
    It took me around 40 minutes to track down most of the links and pop-ups, so I’m not SURE, but I THINK Story Patches wants 4 different coordinates on the basic idea of ‘family’ with elements suitable to be reworked into labels after the contest with the designer changing things to their requirements.
    It doesn’t LOOK like they particularly want ‘family tree’ and I’m pretty sure they don’t want Oceans of Shoes!

  • I missed the site hiccups…BUT Other issues …. this is a family tree theme is it not??
    If so You really need to PROOF READ for typos! Just one {or a few} in this paragraph! … off
    7. Expectations of Entrants. The theme for this contest is {{{Ocean-inspired fabrics.}}} Contest winner will be expected to sign a contract to work with the team at StoryPatches to develop and finalize the {{shoe}} and to prepare it for manufacturing and marketing. Participants also grant Sponsors the right to use your name, image and/or likeness, and any biographical information that you provide to us, in connection with the Promotion or your design, in all media (now known or later developed), in any manner, throughout the world, in perpetuity, to promote the Promotion, Spoonflower or StoryPatches.
    Also on the Our fabric page on Patches website
    Printing process Seems a bit outdated your ultra does now use some additive don’t it?
    And not everyone can get to the PDF templete to use it…or view It.
    I really don’t ever see a use for this app in the far future….. Can we just print our story or messages in words for this contest?

  • It is! Thanks!
    Just a clarification – are we designing the LABELS for this contest, or just FQ coordinates of “designs celebrating family”? And if coordinates, what are the designs supposed to coordinate WITH – their labels, or just with the other 3 designs we create?
    Thanks for giving us 15 days rather than 10 for this contest – that’s helpful. Still not long enough to really ponder and plan, but better!