Huge news for artists: we’re taking our 10% artist royalty and adding a bonus! If your monthly royalties exceed certain thresholds, you will retroactively qualify for an additional bonus royalty on top of what you’ve already earned.

Commissions will be paid out monthly with no waiting period. The payout threshold is $10. So if your royalties exceed $10, you can transfer that cash to your bank account even faster. Check out the infographic below which breaks down our royalty tiers. 

Now even more ways to make money on Spoonflower graphic. Hand drawn green dollar bills are on the top third of the image
Text boxes explaining that there is a +1% bonus to total monthly sales of over $3000 (a total of 11% commission) or a +3% bonus for total monthly sales of over $10,000+ for a total of 13% commission or a +5% commission for more than $15,000 monthly sales for a total of 15% commission.
Design with black calculators, turquoise credit cards, orange pencils, purple pencils and white receipts on a purple background

There’s no need to sign up or do anything differently, all you need is to make sure you are a verified seller on our site, and that your PayPal information is updated in your account. You can update that by logging in and clicking on “My Account” under “My Studio” and selecting the “Spoondollars” tab. 

Screenshot of a Redeem Spoondollars to Paypal screen.

Sales not quite up to any of these tiers yet? Starting in January 2024, you’ll still earn 10% royalty based on what the customer pays for an item, inclusive of any discounts applied. For home decor, you will earn 10% on the price that a customer pays for a finished home decor item. Want more details? Check out this detailed Help Center article.

From professional artists who use Spoonflower for their entire income to hobbyists wanting side cash, the Spoonflower Marketplace is for everyone. And you always keep the rights to your work!

Spoonflower sells printed fabric on external marketplaces such as Etsy to increase your visibility and sales. Want to know how to join in? It’s completely free and you still earn the same royalties as you do on the Spoonflower Marketplace. Just head to your account settings and click on “design distribution” to opt in. More information is available on our Help page article here.

A hand is holding a black pen and doodling flowers on a white piece of paper next to bright floral pieces of fabric and a color map on a table with a gray background and a white and purple floral design.

When you thrive as an artist, we thrive. We are committed to providing a platform for you to be successful and share your designs with the world while being compensated fairly. Get to know fellow artists and learn more about all the vast ways you benefit from offering your designs for sale in our Marketplace, from free promotion, distribution on external marketplaces and through our sister brands and exposure to our vast community.